Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye Frank :(

Well listen to a story about a man named Richard Frank King, A rich deaf man trying to establish handicapped sports centers around the world. He was walking through the park just looki´n for sumtin to do, when up from the street came Two Angels. Elders That is........ Well the next thing you know we started talking.... Or writing i guess, and we learned a lot about him. He is from california and has come to church for 5 weeks straight. But, it came to an end because, he is going to Chile tomorrow, and then Japan after that.... This is a picture with us before he left church his last week. Hopefully all goes well with him.

Also, this week was christmas. I had a great time talking to my fam, and also our zone went caroling....You may notice a lack of elder haws in this photo, thats because i somehow got selected to be the choir director, and photographer...

This is me with my Christmas stuff.... on christmas eve... for some reason everything decided to be penguin themed this year.... It was neat :) I even had a penguin at home...

Shanna and I also talked.... It was fun

(Ps. Shan cute Scarf/everything:) you look as good as you sounded)

Well, thats all

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Costa Rica

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa clause comes tonight...

Well, as zone leaders our job is to animate the whole zone anfd make sure they do a good job(basically thats it in a nutshell.....) And so the other day this is what we did to "animate" them. Basically we prank called them and played christmas songs. I am not really sure why we danced.... But later we showed them the video at district meeting so it was worth it.... Try not to pay attention to my dirty desk in the background.. I actually cleaned it yesterday. Also, you can kindof tell that our pants were really dirty.... thats because we had a competition to see who could wear pants the longest..... We tied and gave up yesterday with really dirty pants that i had worn since thanksgiving... Missionaries are weird...

......Video missing......

>Anyway, its all good here. there are a lot of parties in San Jose for christmas, and every oncein a while we walk in on one... The other day we saw the girl that got second place in "latin american idol" in a live concert.... Her name is maria jose castillo.... Google her or something.... Well, thats all. Love you all fam.(and the rest)(and shanna too:) Keep up the good work
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, December 8, 2008

Howdy ya´ll


This is elder Haws. Heres what happened this week.

First, we got to go to the sealing of one of his converts... At the temple.... It was neat.

this is my comp elder halgren.... He is really cool.

This is me at the temple with the nativity....

Next in importance, we bought a cristmas tree and lights.... Now we are festive. >TOday we will get christmas ties and then we are planing on taking christmas card photos... Also there is a mask thing in this pic that a member in my old ward gave me.... He is dressed as santa... We where those hats to contact in down town san jose... Actually i am wearing it now...(sorry no picture)

also this week we went to a store called pricemart(basically it is like samsclub or cosco... We bought lots of food, and this is a breakfast we made. Thats a mango smoothie in the bowl, but it was real thick.... Also featuring pankakes eggs and bacon... MMMMM

This is what we look like when we get ready to leave.... You can see the hotel we live in just a little.

Well, thats my week. Things are a lot different than they were in my old area, but i love it. We are so busy it is CRAZY
Thanks all for all you do. I cant believe its already christmas..... Weird

Love, Elder Daniel R. Haws

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, today i realized it is december...... Weird..... On thanksgiving we had transfers and so we woke up early and headed to get a bus to san jose, but..... THE ROAD WAS CLOSED due to rain. So, we went the long way. We were on a bus forever and got to san jose just as everyone was leaving the meeting. A few of my peeps from the mtc came up and were all happy and stuff and saying congrats.... I was confused. We went a little farther and an Elder Named Elder Halgren came up and said... So your elder Haws... I was confused, cause he is a zone leader....... Well, it turns out, i am now a zone leader. I was really surprised and so was everyone else..... My area is called Don Bosco, but basically it is just all of down town san jose and the ghetto and everything. Our zone is called la sabana and it is the biggest in the mission. I am really excited to be here. My comp is really cool. We go out to contact, and there are like a billion people so it is super easy, but they arent from our area. I think i will learn to love it here. We live in a hotel that is owned by memberes, and i already am making plans of comming back with my wife our something and staying here. At the rate everyone is getting engaged at home........... I could be here tomorrow... Anyway, i am really excited for this opportunity to help out this zone. I am trying to do the best i can. I love this work, and although i am now somewhere else, its all the same.
Love Elder Haws

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good week..... Last in Guapiles : (

Well, this week was kinda crappy because it has rained almost constantly for more than a week. Our numbers have been low, because no one wants to listen to us, but we have made the best of it. Saturday night we visited a member family and their house was flooded, so we bucketed them out until almost ten.

This morning we got the call, i am getting transfered out of Guapiles. I figure its time now that Elder Kamiya and I have baptised almost every week this change.... Yeah thats write, we had another baptism this week, of two little girls. We have been teaching a lady named Luz Marina for as long as i have been here. Its sad, because she can´t get baptised because her husband wont marry her....(happens a lot here) Well, her daughter has a testimony as well(melissa-9 years old) So we baptised her and her aunt(marinas sister-stephanie-12) It was a great service, and to make things better, we found a lizard while we were getting ready.... so we played with it....
It was only a little tikley but kinda neat. Thanks all, for the love and support. Adios, for the last time from Guapiles
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, we did it! We baptised a really old lady... 82 years old to be ecact. How wonderful it was!!

Generina Araya Gonzales - 82 years old
Gena has a problem in her hands, so she could hardly hold on to elder Kamiya durring her baptism, let alone plug her nose, but, none theless, the baptism went fine and she didn´t even almost drown. As she was walking out of the water, she looked up at the heavens and said" oh Holy Spirit!!!" She is a super sweet lady and i feel so great to have had the oportunity to bring her something she hasn´t been able to find for 82 years.

Today for p-day we rented an artificial turf soccer field( just like where we played on 12th street) and had some crazy six on six soccer. Luckily, right as we staarted to play, it started to rain, (it is outdoors) but we played anyway, and it was super super fun. Yes thats right, i am sure you sense a diffence in this and the last post... Its because toay we played a sport i am good at, or at least one i dont suck at.

Well, this week a doctor is coming from Guatemala an we are going to have a health confrence in san Jose, so here i go for the 3r time to san jose this month. Also, on tuesday he is coming here to check our apartment.... Needless to say, we cleaned this morning. Ok, well, its basically thanksgiving, and while all yall are eating turkey i will be at transfers seeing where in the world i will go next... Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Love you everyone,( especially you...... Thats right you know who you are...)
Sorry this week was so long:(

Love, Elder D. Ronald Haws

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing great :(

Well, here i am. This week we had to come to san jose again for interviews and then tomorrow we have zone conference. It is intersting because we are sleeping in the mission home and the are some 30 missionaries here. today has been an intersesting p day in san jose once agian. We played basketball, and i am still not good at all. Everyone kindof kept getting mad at me, so i decided that from now on i will stick with watching. This is the reason i have never gotten good at bascçketball, i have never been good, and then people get mad at me, which makes me not want to play anymore.... Oh well that doesn´t really have anything to do with being a missionarry. This week has been both amazing, and at the same time not so amazing. About 5 of the seven days were just amazingly good, but the there are the two that weren´t good, oh well, at least we are getting bette. The 27th is changes, and i am almost surely getting changed. I am just about ready to go to a new place and meet new people. Who knows what will happen. I have no idea who could be my next comp. Once i thought that, and then i got a kid that was new, then i thought it again, and got someone with more time than me, but i am senior comp. Now i have no idea what will happen. Oh well, only The Boss knows. Well, anyway, we have a baptism this saturday of an 82 year old woman.... Hopefuylly she doesn´t drown.... Other than that, everything is going great here. I am really happy. I know sometimes i don´t sound happy in e mails, but that just because I dont really like e mailing very much. Anyway, i am still learning everday. Thanks for all the love from hooper, next thing you know i will be there again, so heçurry and enjoy the time without me.
Love, Elder Haws

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Email November 4th, 2008

So Danny I hope you don't mind if I post the email that you sent to mom, but I thought it was kinda fun so I'm going to post it.
Love ya!

Well, here i am. Today we had to take a 3 hour bus to san jose for a district leader traning. We just barely got back, and have to be out to work in 10 minutes. Because of this, this will be short. Please send it to all so they know i am alive. This week has been interesting. On friday we had to move houses because of problems in our old house, so now we live in a little apartment that is about the size of our old bedroom. It is behind the bishops house, and he isn´t too hjappy, but oh well. So i hadn´t even realized it was halloween until 8 30 when we saw 4 little kids dressed up in costumes. It was funny, and that was my halloween. So all is well here, we are happy and working hard. I promise that next week i will make up for the lack this week. I love you all, some more than others, and in different ways, but i am sure that whoever you are, i love you. Thanks for all you do.
Ps mom, i didnt call you the other day, maybe just a coincedence..... Anyway, love you
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, first, in light of me not being there for the family pumpkin carving, here is my pumpkin.... Sorry, its not very good......

Its supposed to be a missionary..... i forgot the tag.... CRAP, well imagine there is a name tag there, i accidently cut it out and couldn´t get it back in with a toothpick......

Second matter of buisness, BAPTISM

On saturday, we babtised Miriam de la Trinidad Del Socorro Chaverri Flores( also the other elders, elder Lee and elder keddington baptised a guy named manuel)

Yes it was hard remembering her name for the baptism. Miriams story is really incredible, and i would love to share it with you sometime. Ask me about it, and i will be sure to tell you.

Thanks for all, Love Elder Haws

Monday, October 20, 2008


So i heard there was some flooding in Costa Rica...... I am not sure, if its true, but yesterday it rained realy really hard and the stream behind our house turned into a crazy river. Its normaly just a litle stream that cars can cross, but as you can see here, the river was coming down the road as well. This probaly doesn't have anything to do with the flooding, besides that they both involve lots of water.
You might recognize this stream from the realeasing of the turtle we found......
After, we went to a less active families house for their daughters birthday party, she had a cake
and even had a crown....(it said happy new year)
She just turned eight and will be baptised on saturday with one of our investigators named Miriam. She might be crazy, Miriam not the kid, but she read the whole book of mormon and so we are baptising her. Last but not least, i took a cool picture of these flowers by our house....Everything is going well, and I am excited to get out my white clothes again. Love you all,
Elder Haws

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, this week was normal....

Normail week. Worked, had a little fight, and next thing you know............ We found a turtle. It was realy big and my comp loved it. Then, qwe took it to a nearby river and let it free. Other than that, all was normal. We have a lot of people that should be getting baptised this month...

Love yall, Elder Haws

Monday, October 6, 2008

Aloha from costa rica!!!

Well, this week has been interesting. General conference was here, so we enjoyed it. Saturday, there were more missionaries in the chapel than there were members. It was amazing and i learned a lot. Sunday, the first session was completely full. We went to get investigators(we brought 8) and got there late, and our investigators were the very last ones to fit. I found a little closet in the very back of the church by the stage, so i sat on the stairs in there.

It wasn´t a very good view, but i was there.

Then the afternoon session was almost empty. The members here are all about doing the least that they have to do. In between sessions, we went to lunch with our cook. I made a fish out of my rice,
and then found a mask and turned into a super hero.
after, i gave a blessing to my lamanite friend Elias who is going into surgery this week to get a piece of cartelage removed from his eyebrow.

Earlier this week we made empenadas....

They were really good....

But i got really really full....

When we got home it started raining really hard....

Then i sang master the tempest is raging, and it stopped.

Well, thats about all that happened. We have some really good investigators right now that are almost sure baptisms. I am really happy and i sure just love this work!(and letters hint hint)

Well, love ya´ll. I have to go "save the world"(quote from lila) now

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, September 29, 2008

No cool pictures....

Well, here in my new zone we never do anything cool.... We just play basketball and stuff like that. I am learning to dunk it... Anyaway, i was looking through old pictures and i found this one... It is a dead mbody right in front of my house in my first area... I will try to be more interesting...
Love, Elder Haws

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, this week went about narmal. Actually it was the best numbers wise of my mission. It was pretty cool. We have been doing pretty good. So the highlights of this week is that we found a lady who is a memeber and her husband isn´t. He is super prepared and definately going to get baptised. But the best part is that they gave us 50 bananas. Um they were delicious(cool vidios maybe in the future). And they only made me miss Shanna Banana a little. So the next cool thing is that i bought a hammock. Its really neat and comfy, but it says panama on it.... Oh well. There is a picturwe of me with it set on the soccer goal while the other elders play basket ball. So yeah. We have a lot of really cool people that are progressing and will be baptised. I feel all my hard work opn the brink of paying off. I like being a missionarry;)
Thanks for all you do,
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow... Long time...

Well, since last time i blogged, i did have transfers. I recieved an elder named Elder Clark and i was potty training him. Now, 4 days ago, i had changes again. So here i am still in guapiles, but with an elder named Elder Kamiya. He is from Hawaii, but is really short. Everyone thinks he is chinese. We are doing a really good job and we are teaching a lot of people. I love this work and its still hot here
Love, Elder Haws

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danny's Email Home 7/20/08

I think i pobably am getting transfered on thursday so i will try hard to make the most of my last 3 days here. Yesterday we went to mauricios)one of my converts) house and lately they have had a lot of money problems. The other day their microwave stopped working. Well, yesterday we went there and they were all in the kitchen. Mauricio was almost to the point of crying. I asked what was wrong and he said the stove stoped working. He had ben trying to fix it and couldn´t. I told him to let me have a look. I started fiddling with the wires and then told them to try it, but it didn´t work. Then i told them i was going to pray. I said a simple little prayer, opened my eyes and looked directly at a connection. It was kindof corroded so i cleaned it a little. I then said, ok now try it. Mauricio said no its not going to work. I said, Have faith and try it. He flipped the breaker, and then started getting all excited and saying ITS WORKING ITS WORKING. They were all shocked and surprised, but i knew it would work. Sometimes the Lord is just waiting to help us, all we have to do is ask. It was a great experience. They are a famill i will truly miss, but hopefully i have left them with a strong faith in Christ.
This is the true church! This is the work of the Lord. This is where i need to be right now.

Elder D. Ronald Haws

Monday, July 21, 2008

In da Zone

This is our zone at our last District meeting before changes. The one with the lightest blue tie is my zone leader elder glenn. He goes home tomorrow:( Also the one in the second to lightest blue tie is elder Jimenez. He leaves too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drummer Boy

I just found these random pictures of Danny drumming, so I thought I would post them because he says that he misses drumming...

Taken July 3, 2005... 3 years ago!!!

And here's when Danny was in the newspaper for drumming...

And here is Danny sleeping...


Monday, July 14, 2008

I gots nothin

well, i dont have a lot to say or a lot of time so i am just going to put on this cool picture of myself.... I call it "Oh San Miguel" This is my whole area and then some.
Elder Haws

Monday, July 7, 2008

¿Where is your faith?

The other day we argued for about 40 minutes about how he wouldn´t wash our dishes. I asked him why and he said that he never will. He said that his dad tought him that that is not something that men do. He said they always had a servant to clean and everything. I tried and tried to explain to hi how he was being rediculous and should just do it, but finally gave up. As a punnisment from God 40 percent(or something like that) of costa rica lost water for 4 days. At that point, no one was washing dishes. Three days into the drought(saturday) we went to the chapel and people had reached through the fence with a hose, hooked it on to our spicket and began stealing water. It turns out their is a big water tank underground there. I called our bishop and he told me to shut of the breaker for the pump. There were a couple of memebers being extremely rude to the people and telling me to just shut it off, but we gave water to the people that were there and no one else. Later we were at our house and talking and i realized that we had done wrong. Here we are preaching of Charity, but then we turn around and selfishly keep our water in a city dying of thirst. After awhile, we decided that we needed to go back and share our water. I called the bishop and meerly said,"i am calling to ask your permission to share our water" he said, if you think that is a good idea than you can. We got to our church at about 2 o clock and began giving away water. There were a few members helping us, but they just kept saying, we are going to run out of water. and we arent going to have water for tomorrow. I would just respond by saying "i have faith don´t you?" at about 5 thirty we went to take some water to these old ladies, and when we got back there was no more water. The only mistake i had made in the whole day was leaving the spicket to people with little or no faith. The next day all of our ward had water except for the neighborhood where our chapel is. In church there were more than a few members that were a little upset with me for giving away the water, but i know that we did a very good service. I know that we did a very good service to a people in need, as well as teaching a very valuable lesson to our members. I still love being here. The time is flying by. The 16th of july i will hit my six month mark, and it feels more like 6 weeks. Thanks everyone for your love, support, and prayers.
Elder Haws

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're so proud of you!

Danny, I don't know if it is okay for me to post on your own blog for you to read, but I wanted to just tell you how much I love you and look up to you. I know you are in the right place and that you are doing the right things. I hope you know how proud we all are of you! Keep up all your hard work! Miss you kiddo!

Love Ya!
Love, Tam & Nick

Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we went to a really cool rock and i took some really good photos, but i have to go to the bathroom really really really bad so i will have to write about it next week. SORRY
Elder Haws

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well, we had transfers on thursday and i was sure i was getting a gringo. I actually got a little sad cause i started liking my latino, then, at transfers i got another latino.... His name is Elder Garcia and he is from sinaloa mexico. With elder chamaya he always spoke very formal very good spanish(he is from peru) and now with garcia he just talks a lot of sland and really non proper spanish. Yesterday i saw two people and asked what they were doing and he said they were "chupando la piña" brady i am sure you will get that and maybe some others too. I laughed really hard because i remembered that brady used to say that and now i finally understand where he got it from. The way i figure it my next companion is going to be from dominican republic... I am still really happy. My new mexican is really cool. He is very happy and very nice, but he walks slow... I think we will have a really good time together and a lot of success. Oh also, i had another baptism on satuyrday. His name is pedro aburto. He is from nicaragua and has only lived here for two weeks. He has investigated the church for a year and a half but couldn´t get baptised because he had a wife and was living with someone else. The day he left nicaragua his divorce was finalized. basically we called presidente with his situation and he said he needed to come to church twice and we could baptise him. So i baptised him. It was neat. Sometimes you sow sometimes you reap. Thats about all.... Sure love you and thanks for all you do.

Love, Elder Haws

This is me and Chamaya leaving from a cool ghetto house on his last day...

This Is a neat service activity that we had where we assembled wheelchairs...

These are all the wheelchairs we assembled... It was a lot more fun to test them than to build them.. There were 150.. This is a picture of me after i traded this kid watches.
This is me and my new comp Elder Garcia

This is me and our bishop..... He is cuban.

Heres a little glamour shot of me before the basptism;)

Me elder garcia and pedro!