Monday, July 27, 2009

Building schools is hard to do.

Well, things here are great as always. This week we had our first interviwews and zone conference with president galvez. He is SO SO SO awesome. He truly inspired us by teaching us such Basic principles, but with such sincerity. He is such a personal man. He literally cares for each and every one of us, and you can feel it. He is a bit bigger than president Arbizú, so his hugs are better as well.

After Zone conference we went to San Vito to help The missionaries there do service the next morning. We went on divisions with the missionaries there that night when we got there. Elder Soto is there in San Vito, and he is going home on the 4th on Augost. I went with him on divisions, and we had a great time remembering old times. I am gonna miss him.

Supposedly, the 25th was some sort of world wide service day, so we (in san vito) Helped build a school. It was pretty dang awesome. We got there at 6 am and worked until about 1 in the afternoon. We basically just shoveled rocks and sand into the cement mixer the whole time. I really enjoyed helpin and working so hard. Carrying the bible for 18 months has made my hands all soft, and it was nice to get some callus back.

Thats basically all for this week. I was going to put on some pictures, but it turns out they won´t upload.. What else is new:(

Love Elder Haws

Monday, July 20, 2009

¡¡¡¡¡PURA PIÑA!!!!!

Well, Here I am, one month older in the mission. I guess I am old now!! Thats right, I officially have 18 months.

To celebrate, I went on divisions in Buenos Aires( I guess it wasn´t really to celebrate, but I just happened to be there)

I got there on monday morning and spent P-day with them. Buenos Aires is the pineapple capital of the world. I have never seen so much pineapple in my life. If you Have ever eaten a Del Monte Pineapple, it was probably grown in buenos aires. Well, sice that all there is there, we decided to go see some pineapple for our p-day. So we went Hunting

Elder Felipe, me and Elder Howell in the Piña(aka pieapple)

After a while of looking, we found a nice ripe one, and elder howell almost picked it....

But then we saw the other side... Rotten...
Finally, we found a slightly ripe one. It may look green because it was. But after a week on top of the fridge, it was ready to be turned into a nice piña Shake (that is the ugliest tie ever and for some reason it keeps showing up on my blog...)
Besides me turning 18 months, elder felipe was also completing years, so we got him a cake and icecream. Elder Felipe just got hear exactly 2 weeks ago.

We didn´t have candels, so we used matches instead
I was in buenos aires until friday morning, and then i came home.

Today for pday, we went to a waterfall......
and then played with some birds...
They are so cool. I think i will try to bring one home.

Well, thats all for me.

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yo Yo

Well, this week was great and or crazy. Monday afternoon we went BACK to San Jose to meet the new president. He is AMAZING, but I will talk more about him later.
We arrived back in rio claro at 10 30 pm on Tuesday, and then Wednesday I went on divisions to Golfito until Thursdays morning. Friday, we had a baptism, and that’s what the rest of my email will be about.
After Keidans baby blessing, we found out that his mom Sharell never got put in the records of the church. After zaa long time on thephone with the service center, they told us to just baptize her again…
So, Friday, we baptized her!!!!

After, we had cake………

Tatiana got frosting on my face…….

So I got her back.

The mission is still awesome. I love being here on the mish. Our Zone worked harder this week than in the history of the world, and now this new week we are going to work even harder.

That’s All Folks,
Love Elder Haws

Monday, July 6, 2009


Well, this week a miracle happened. You see, my zone is in the south of the contry. We are like the exiled missionaries. It takes about 8 hours to get to the capital. About every three to six months, the mission allows the zones to go to the temple, but, zona sur NEVER gets to go.
This week our district was going to the temple. Our district president mentioned to me that they had a lot of room on the bus, and had allready paid sothey couldn´t get a smaller one. He asked if we would be able to go(the whole zone)
Well, me being the amazing zone leader i am,(also with the whole change of mish president) got us permission to go!!!
We left friday night at 10 pm and arrived at the temple the $th of july at 4:30 AM.
We imediately started doing baptisms. I had the opportunity to confirm from 5 am until 7 am when i went through the first session. While in the session, i saw a familiar face. It was Brother Quesada from san Miguel. We ate lunch with them avery single sunday. I was so happy to see him, and he even remembered my name. He came and wispered "the aguilars are getting sealed today."
The Aguilars are an awesome family that we ALWAYS tried to get to go to the temple. They are one of my FAVORITE families in my whole mission. So, i got to see there family, as well as the bishop from san miguel. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! They had to wait a while for their sealing, so me, the father, and the bishop went and helped with confirmations for another almost 2 hourd. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Then, as if that wasn´t enough of a surprise, as i was FINALLY leaving, in the waiting room i found Walter and Janorie and their family. They are My family from Don Bosco. They were at the temple buying stuff for their sealing IN A MONTH!!!!
I would have to say that the fourth was the most gratifieng day i have had in my whole mission. I Felt such joy to see all these people doing such important things. I actually feel now, that i maybe have done something in my mission.

Heres a patriotical picture of the temple(i like the three missionaries in the background..)
This is my delicious grilled ham and cheese sandwich i made with some of the free cheese sister arbizu gave us a few months ago(the cheese doesn´t expire)
Heres a little something special from those of us awericans at the temple. Enjoy and remember that we AREN¨T pros, and we actually didn´t even practice.

Thats me, elder Howell, and Elder Gordon

Happy fourth of July everybody!!!!

Love, Elder Haws