Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I cant figure out how to turn this but i am sure natalie can... This is a stained glass window in a huge catholic church we visited. Its the baptism of Jesus. It looks pretty correct to me.......

This is what we call apostasy!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok so we were practicing teaching the first lesson the other day to a pillow named pedro. He has clothes and a book of mormon. I thought it was funny so i set up my camera to record it.... Then this happened.

You can kindof see what our apartment looks like... Anyway, todo bien aqui!!

Adios, elder HaWS


This is a big spider that lives in our house
This is my cool watch that i bought so that when it gets stollen in my ghetto area i wont be sad
It only cost 4000 colones which is about 8 dollars.. Yeah i have had it for a week and one oif the buttons fell out... Its cool i guess..
Does anyone even look at this...........

Monday, April 7, 2008

These are my shoes after a normal day here in costa rica
I figured i would try and be all dramatic like emily always is...
This is my district at the mtc. They were all pretty cool i guess......
Yeah i am cool i think...
This isn´t over done....

Costa rica is still the best mission in the world.. I still love it here and i am actually not sick for once:)
This is about the most amazing place in the world. Things are awesome here. Conference was amazing and we actuall had like 8 investigators come. This week we had divisions with one of the Assistants te the president. it was great and we got a lot done.
All is well and thanks for the support!

Love, Elder Haws