Monday, May 25, 2009

UM..... Well.....

Well, here i am once again. Reporting in from costa rica. This week went by pretty awesomely. As ya´ll know i am now with Elder Martinez. He´s cool, and we decided to start our time out well with a BAPTISM!!!!!!! Yep thats right, saturday we baptised An 11 year old girl named Tatiana. When i say we baptised her, what i mean is that her family suddenly decided to come back to church.... First her grandpa Hernan came back, and we called him to be the second counselor in the branch... Next thing you know He brings his daughter and her three kids to church. So, we (hernan) baptised the daucçghter, and we are now working on sending her nineteen year old brother on a mission. I would be lying if i said we aren´t working super hard. Things are great here. The zone is working harder everyday, and we have two(possibly three) baptirms planned for this next week. I sure do love being here!!!!
You may notice my beautiful tie in this picture. Every time we went to visit her i would ask her whose tie was better, mine or my companions... Three times she said my companions, so i decided that for her baptism i was going to whip out the special teams, so, i opened up my special zip-lock bag and pulled out a silk tie(not pictured in the picture from a few weeks ago) i wore it to the baptism, and as soon as we got home, put it right back in the bag. When i got here, i found out that silk ties don´t hold up well in the whole humidity heat rain thing.... Anyway, thats about all i have for now. Thanks ya´ll for the support. You are awesome.
Love, Elder Haws

Ps. shanna... You know:)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it turns out it is really hard to upload things here, so sorry about that. I am trying, but i just don´´t have time.... IT TAKES SO LONG. Well, this week, we had transfers and i am now comps with Elder Martinez from Choluteca, Honduras. He has a few mopre months in the mish than i do. He is a great missionary. Remember elder nay from the mtc? elder martinez was his trainer here in the mission. He is a Really hard worker and really animated( i mean excited....) I am teaching him really well how to be a zone leader!!! Our zone has really low numbers, and now we are starting to get better and better. I am really excited to be with him.
Also Elder Soto got trasfered to our zone, so now i will get to see him while he finishes the mission.
This week we have been finding lots of new investigators and we put 3 baptyism dates. They should all come through for us.
Today for pday, we went to our branch presidents little ranch in the misddle of the jungle. We hicked forever, but it was worth it. this is about the coolest waterfall i have ever seen!!! so heres a good video.

Well, i will be sure to keep you updated on all the miracles that will happen this change. Yours always,
Elder Haws

PS. Happy Birthday Brady, Johnny And Nick. Also...

Hi Shanna:)
this is a picture of me afew weeks ago in front of an aligator infested pool..... it was cool.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day!

Well, it was mothers day! it was great, i talked to my family, and thats about it.... Here are somepictures of my week. well they took a long time to put on so heres one.

Love Elder Haws

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, this week was crazy. We went to san jose to a missionary training via satelite with elder cook. It was great. We learned a lot. Also this week Chunk got married. Congrats chunk!!! While everyone was at the reception in decided it was time to organize my ties.... So i touhgt i would share with you. This doesn't include the silk ones that i have stored in a ziplock bag so the rain doesn't kill them.
Thats basically my week. We spent a lot of time traveling to san jose and didn't really get much time to be missionarries... Yep, thats all i got.... Sorry if it isn't cool, i will try really hard to be cool next week....

Oh also, today we had no plans, so i made the goal to climb a tree... Unfortunately it started raining before i found a good tree to climb... Sorry

Love Elder Haws