Monday, November 24, 2008

Good week..... Last in Guapiles : (

Well, this week was kinda crappy because it has rained almost constantly for more than a week. Our numbers have been low, because no one wants to listen to us, but we have made the best of it. Saturday night we visited a member family and their house was flooded, so we bucketed them out until almost ten.

This morning we got the call, i am getting transfered out of Guapiles. I figure its time now that Elder Kamiya and I have baptised almost every week this change.... Yeah thats write, we had another baptism this week, of two little girls. We have been teaching a lady named Luz Marina for as long as i have been here. Its sad, because she can´t get baptised because her husband wont marry her....(happens a lot here) Well, her daughter has a testimony as well(melissa-9 years old) So we baptised her and her aunt(marinas sister-stephanie-12) It was a great service, and to make things better, we found a lizard while we were getting ready.... so we played with it....
It was only a little tikley but kinda neat. Thanks all, for the love and support. Adios, for the last time from Guapiles
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, we did it! We baptised a really old lady... 82 years old to be ecact. How wonderful it was!!

Generina Araya Gonzales - 82 years old
Gena has a problem in her hands, so she could hardly hold on to elder Kamiya durring her baptism, let alone plug her nose, but, none theless, the baptism went fine and she didn´t even almost drown. As she was walking out of the water, she looked up at the heavens and said" oh Holy Spirit!!!" She is a super sweet lady and i feel so great to have had the oportunity to bring her something she hasn´t been able to find for 82 years.

Today for p-day we rented an artificial turf soccer field( just like where we played on 12th street) and had some crazy six on six soccer. Luckily, right as we staarted to play, it started to rain, (it is outdoors) but we played anyway, and it was super super fun. Yes thats right, i am sure you sense a diffence in this and the last post... Its because toay we played a sport i am good at, or at least one i dont suck at.

Well, this week a doctor is coming from Guatemala an we are going to have a health confrence in san Jose, so here i go for the 3r time to san jose this month. Also, on tuesday he is coming here to check our apartment.... Needless to say, we cleaned this morning. Ok, well, its basically thanksgiving, and while all yall are eating turkey i will be at transfers seeing where in the world i will go next... Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Love you everyone,( especially you...... Thats right you know who you are...)
Sorry this week was so long:(

Love, Elder D. Ronald Haws

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing great :(

Well, here i am. This week we had to come to san jose again for interviews and then tomorrow we have zone conference. It is intersting because we are sleeping in the mission home and the are some 30 missionaries here. today has been an intersesting p day in san jose once agian. We played basketball, and i am still not good at all. Everyone kindof kept getting mad at me, so i decided that from now on i will stick with watching. This is the reason i have never gotten good at bascçketball, i have never been good, and then people get mad at me, which makes me not want to play anymore.... Oh well that doesn´t really have anything to do with being a missionarry. This week has been both amazing, and at the same time not so amazing. About 5 of the seven days were just amazingly good, but the there are the two that weren´t good, oh well, at least we are getting bette. The 27th is changes, and i am almost surely getting changed. I am just about ready to go to a new place and meet new people. Who knows what will happen. I have no idea who could be my next comp. Once i thought that, and then i got a kid that was new, then i thought it again, and got someone with more time than me, but i am senior comp. Now i have no idea what will happen. Oh well, only The Boss knows. Well, anyway, we have a baptism this saturday of an 82 year old woman.... Hopefuylly she doesn´t drown.... Other than that, everything is going great here. I am really happy. I know sometimes i don´t sound happy in e mails, but that just because I dont really like e mailing very much. Anyway, i am still learning everday. Thanks for all the love from hooper, next thing you know i will be there again, so heçurry and enjoy the time without me.
Love, Elder Haws

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Email November 4th, 2008

So Danny I hope you don't mind if I post the email that you sent to mom, but I thought it was kinda fun so I'm going to post it.
Love ya!

Well, here i am. Today we had to take a 3 hour bus to san jose for a district leader traning. We just barely got back, and have to be out to work in 10 minutes. Because of this, this will be short. Please send it to all so they know i am alive. This week has been interesting. On friday we had to move houses because of problems in our old house, so now we live in a little apartment that is about the size of our old bedroom. It is behind the bishops house, and he isn´t too hjappy, but oh well. So i hadn´t even realized it was halloween until 8 30 when we saw 4 little kids dressed up in costumes. It was funny, and that was my halloween. So all is well here, we are happy and working hard. I promise that next week i will make up for the lack this week. I love you all, some more than others, and in different ways, but i am sure that whoever you are, i love you. Thanks for all you do.
Ps mom, i didnt call you the other day, maybe just a coincedence..... Anyway, love you
Love, Elder Haws