Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danny's Email Home 7/20/08

I think i pobably am getting transfered on thursday so i will try hard to make the most of my last 3 days here. Yesterday we went to mauricios)one of my converts) house and lately they have had a lot of money problems. The other day their microwave stopped working. Well, yesterday we went there and they were all in the kitchen. Mauricio was almost to the point of crying. I asked what was wrong and he said the stove stoped working. He had ben trying to fix it and couldn´t. I told him to let me have a look. I started fiddling with the wires and then told them to try it, but it didn´t work. Then i told them i was going to pray. I said a simple little prayer, opened my eyes and looked directly at a connection. It was kindof corroded so i cleaned it a little. I then said, ok now try it. Mauricio said no its not going to work. I said, Have faith and try it. He flipped the breaker, and then started getting all excited and saying ITS WORKING ITS WORKING. They were all shocked and surprised, but i knew it would work. Sometimes the Lord is just waiting to help us, all we have to do is ask. It was a great experience. They are a famill i will truly miss, but hopefully i have left them with a strong faith in Christ.
This is the true church! This is the work of the Lord. This is where i need to be right now.

Elder D. Ronald Haws

Monday, July 21, 2008

In da Zone

This is our zone at our last District meeting before changes. The one with the lightest blue tie is my zone leader elder glenn. He goes home tomorrow:( Also the one in the second to lightest blue tie is elder Jimenez. He leaves too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drummer Boy

I just found these random pictures of Danny drumming, so I thought I would post them because he says that he misses drumming...

Taken July 3, 2005... 3 years ago!!!

And here's when Danny was in the newspaper for drumming...

And here is Danny sleeping...


Monday, July 14, 2008

I gots nothin

well, i dont have a lot to say or a lot of time so i am just going to put on this cool picture of myself.... I call it "Oh San Miguel" This is my whole area and then some.
Elder Haws

Monday, July 7, 2008

¿Where is your faith?

The other day we argued for about 40 minutes about how he wouldn´t wash our dishes. I asked him why and he said that he never will. He said that his dad tought him that that is not something that men do. He said they always had a servant to clean and everything. I tried and tried to explain to hi how he was being rediculous and should just do it, but finally gave up. As a punnisment from God 40 percent(or something like that) of costa rica lost water for 4 days. At that point, no one was washing dishes. Three days into the drought(saturday) we went to the chapel and people had reached through the fence with a hose, hooked it on to our spicket and began stealing water. It turns out their is a big water tank underground there. I called our bishop and he told me to shut of the breaker for the pump. There were a couple of memebers being extremely rude to the people and telling me to just shut it off, but we gave water to the people that were there and no one else. Later we were at our house and talking and i realized that we had done wrong. Here we are preaching of Charity, but then we turn around and selfishly keep our water in a city dying of thirst. After awhile, we decided that we needed to go back and share our water. I called the bishop and meerly said,"i am calling to ask your permission to share our water" he said, if you think that is a good idea than you can. We got to our church at about 2 o clock and began giving away water. There were a few members helping us, but they just kept saying, we are going to run out of water. and we arent going to have water for tomorrow. I would just respond by saying "i have faith don´t you?" at about 5 thirty we went to take some water to these old ladies, and when we got back there was no more water. The only mistake i had made in the whole day was leaving the spicket to people with little or no faith. The next day all of our ward had water except for the neighborhood where our chapel is. In church there were more than a few members that were a little upset with me for giving away the water, but i know that we did a very good service. I know that we did a very good service to a people in need, as well as teaching a very valuable lesson to our members. I still love being here. The time is flying by. The 16th of july i will hit my six month mark, and it feels more like 6 weeks. Thanks everyone for your love, support, and prayers.
Elder Haws

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're so proud of you!

Danny, I don't know if it is okay for me to post on your own blog for you to read, but I wanted to just tell you how much I love you and look up to you. I know you are in the right place and that you are doing the right things. I hope you know how proud we all are of you! Keep up all your hard work! Miss you kiddo!

Love Ya!
Love, Tam & Nick