Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye Frank :(

Well listen to a story about a man named Richard Frank King, A rich deaf man trying to establish handicapped sports centers around the world. He was walking through the park just looki´n for sumtin to do, when up from the street came Two Angels. Elders That is........ Well the next thing you know we started talking.... Or writing i guess, and we learned a lot about him. He is from california and has come to church for 5 weeks straight. But, it came to an end because, he is going to Chile tomorrow, and then Japan after that.... This is a picture with us before he left church his last week. Hopefully all goes well with him.

Also, this week was christmas. I had a great time talking to my fam, and also our zone went caroling....You may notice a lack of elder haws in this photo, thats because i somehow got selected to be the choir director, and photographer...

This is me with my Christmas stuff.... on christmas eve... for some reason everything decided to be penguin themed this year.... It was neat :) I even had a penguin at home...

Shanna and I also talked.... It was fun

(Ps. Shan cute Scarf/everything:) you look as good as you sounded)

Well, thats all

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Costa Rica

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa clause comes tonight...

Well, as zone leaders our job is to animate the whole zone anfd make sure they do a good job(basically thats it in a nutshell.....) And so the other day this is what we did to "animate" them. Basically we prank called them and played christmas songs. I am not really sure why we danced.... But later we showed them the video at district meeting so it was worth it.... Try not to pay attention to my dirty desk in the background.. I actually cleaned it yesterday. Also, you can kindof tell that our pants were really dirty.... thats because we had a competition to see who could wear pants the longest..... We tied and gave up yesterday with really dirty pants that i had worn since thanksgiving... Missionaries are weird...

......Video missing......

>Anyway, its all good here. there are a lot of parties in San Jose for christmas, and every oncein a while we walk in on one... The other day we saw the girl that got second place in "latin american idol" in a live concert.... Her name is maria jose castillo.... Google her or something.... Well, thats all. Love you all fam.(and the rest)(and shanna too:) Keep up the good work
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, December 8, 2008

Howdy ya´ll


This is elder Haws. Heres what happened this week.

First, we got to go to the sealing of one of his converts... At the temple.... It was neat.

this is my comp elder halgren.... He is really cool.

This is me at the temple with the nativity....

Next in importance, we bought a cristmas tree and lights.... Now we are festive. >TOday we will get christmas ties and then we are planing on taking christmas card photos... Also there is a mask thing in this pic that a member in my old ward gave me.... He is dressed as santa... We where those hats to contact in down town san jose... Actually i am wearing it now...(sorry no picture)

also this week we went to a store called pricemart(basically it is like samsclub or cosco... We bought lots of food, and this is a breakfast we made. Thats a mango smoothie in the bowl, but it was real thick.... Also featuring pankakes eggs and bacon... MMMMM

This is what we look like when we get ready to leave.... You can see the hotel we live in just a little.

Well, thats my week. Things are a lot different than they were in my old area, but i love it. We are so busy it is CRAZY
Thanks all for all you do. I cant believe its already christmas..... Weird

Love, Elder Daniel R. Haws

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, today i realized it is december...... Weird..... On thanksgiving we had transfers and so we woke up early and headed to get a bus to san jose, but..... THE ROAD WAS CLOSED due to rain. So, we went the long way. We were on a bus forever and got to san jose just as everyone was leaving the meeting. A few of my peeps from the mtc came up and were all happy and stuff and saying congrats.... I was confused. We went a little farther and an Elder Named Elder Halgren came up and said... So your elder Haws... I was confused, cause he is a zone leader....... Well, it turns out, i am now a zone leader. I was really surprised and so was everyone else..... My area is called Don Bosco, but basically it is just all of down town san jose and the ghetto and everything. Our zone is called la sabana and it is the biggest in the mission. I am really excited to be here. My comp is really cool. We go out to contact, and there are like a billion people so it is super easy, but they arent from our area. I think i will learn to love it here. We live in a hotel that is owned by memberes, and i already am making plans of comming back with my wife our something and staying here. At the rate everyone is getting engaged at home........... I could be here tomorrow... Anyway, i am really excited for this opportunity to help out this zone. I am trying to do the best i can. I love this work, and although i am now somewhere else, its all the same.
Love Elder Haws