Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, this week went fast. I went to Buenos aires on divisions to do 3 baptismal interviews. We worked so hard that when we got home i was "dominated by the spirit" and i just passed out on the bed asleep at 850(we got home early). Next, on saturday we had the baptism of Joseline. She is the daughter of a recently reactivated brother from the ward. She is nine years old.

Also, i noticed that the fire extinguisher in our shurch is overcharged....
This is a picture that some lady took of us... I think she was trying to not have the door in the picture..... Oh well its just a once in a life time picture.... Casey, photo shop it!
Later, we found a giant bug....
I also took a pictuer almost eating it... But it was gross so i spared you all the grossness....

Well, thats about it for this week. Everything is going great. We are working hard, adn ready for changes!!!!

I love you all who read this, and if love is innapropriat... I like you.....

Peace, love Elder Haws

Ps. beware of pigflu!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Return of the cool p days

Well, nothing GREAT has happened on the missionarry side of things, but we had a good pday....
We went to a cave!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!

Also I swung form a vine!!! It was AWESOME!!!!
In the cave there were lots of bats... It was AWESOME!!!!
For bhold these are the waters of mormon........ Yeah this place was awesome!!!!!!

Heres a good look at the watrs of mormon... IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Also this week we helped a sister in the ward dig a grave fr hr friend. That wasn't awesome. It was sad, and i don't feel like i should write about it....

Well., that is our week.
This saturday we are having a baptism. It will be AWESOME
Love Elder HAWSOME

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok Heres my week in a quick nutshell. Fist i went on divisions to san vito, and while ther i ate bananas....

Next on friday(pday was changed due to semana santa) We went to the top of a mountain where i saw the ocean...... Unfortuanetely i was playing with my camara so you will have to imagine these two pictrures together....
This is what i looked like hiking through the jungle..... (brady you will recognize my shirt....i found it here for like 3 dollars...)
This is when i saw monkeys while we were hiking

Heres the view from the very very top of the montain....
Heres a spider that we found at the very top of that mountain...
This is a choza at the very tippy top of the mountain. If you look hard you can see a light bulb there covered in a plastic bottle... I thought that was neat.

Mom i thought you would like this....Also this week i taught my comp how to yo yo....... YEAH he is good at it.

(all of the last stuff was from last pday... Friday, now we are to this pday... today)

Today we went to Paso Canoas... On the border of panama to do some shopping., so i figured i might as well get a picture by the sign....

Well, thats all. I am still working hard and all that good stuff. Still love you all, and all that stuff too,
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Total eclipse of the area"


Well, as is well know, Last sunday night, i got word that i was getting transfered. Sad, but it happens so monday thru wednseday i spent saying godbye to my peeps in don bosco and packing up all my stuff.

First, i said by to Yancy and Niemer. Niemer is basically the coolest, so i gave him a ctr ring and told him it gave him super powers....
Next i said by to Hilda(she is the niece of Raquel) she is basically the coolest ever and i also gave her a ctr ring.

Saying by to people really builds up your appetite, so next we decided to eat lunch at mcdonalds..If the bag fits, put it on your head
Later, while packing i needed to disassemble my starwars legos that i got for my birthday so rather than doing it the normal way, i had an extreme battle!!Now we finally get to transfers... So i was excited and nervous and scared and all those things. Sad to lose elder soto, but happy to know new people. And suddenly with all those feelings i get trasfered with....... DRUM ROLL>>>>>>><><><><><<><><>

ELDER APAZA!!! you may remember him from my post of almost exactly a year ago when we went to that cool waterfall... Yes thats right, we were in the same district when i started the mish. He is from Peru (Comps from mexico 2 comps from peru 2) More about him to come...

My new area is called Rio Claro In the zona sur(south zone) We are the Zone leaders and also we are councelors in the branch presidency....... This is one of the Hottest areas in the mission!!!!!! and it is 8 hours from san jose. (more to come)

So friday President arbizu planned a little zone leader get away to Volcano irazu.

Heres me and Elder Apaza in front of the sign.
President Arbizu with a pole we used to play aztec football....
as you can see in this photo, it was quite foggy....

this is a pic f he volcano( or my shirt, i cant really remember)
It was so foggy that we didnt even get to see the volcano
We may not have been able see the volcano, but we didnt let that ruin our day. We made paper airplanes(me siting in a nest looking thingy....) And then played football and soccer and Aztec football....
Here is a picture of all of us zone leaders.
You may notice that some of us look a little sun burned.....We left the volcano and headed to san jose. Once we got there we had to head out to m new area. As a said ... 8 hour bus... We got on the bus at six and got home finally at 1 am. Turns out we came so late that there was no traffic and so we got here in 7 hours... So i went to sleep at 1:30, and then we had to wake up in the morning to go to conference.
When i woke up this is what i looked like...
We were in confrence(very good one by the way) all day saturday and sunday, and then sunday after conference we had to organize a choir for our district conference, so it wasnt until this morning that i finally got to see my area in daytime. THIS AREA IS AMAZING!!!!!!

This is what i looked like this morning after peeling of all my skin in the shower...

Well, thats basically my week Oh one more thing..... Since i got to this area i have been a little worried about shoes. Mine are wearing out and this area gets pretty rainy. Well, this morning i was looking in the pile of old stuff that missionaries leave in the house, and i found a pare of danner goretex boot. They were dusty, but once i cleaned them up and looked at them i realized they were still basically new. I tried them on, and they fit me perfectly. Mom, don;t worry about sending me shoes... Its true that the lord helps those he calls... (ps, google danner boots and you will get n idea of why i am so happy to find them)

I am really excited to be here in a new area and ready to work super hard. Normaly when they send someone to the zona sur no one hears from him for about 6 months... So i guess i will be here for a while.

Its hot, but i am happy. I love you all. Take care and keep praying that i can find cool things....
Love Elder Haws