Monday, February 23, 2009

Well... I got nothin...

Well, seeing how today we did what we always did, and i forgot to take pictures, heres is a brief resumen of what happened(i think resumen is spanish, but i dont know how to say that in english so... You get it) This is me dunking over someone else with my rocket shoes.... Well, yeah... Something like that happened..... Yeah...

Well, this week has been great. We had changes and now we have basically a completely new zone. We were worried at first because we lost all of our best missionarries, and got a lot of young guys, but things are turning out great with all our new elders. This week Elder Falabella Of the area presidency will come to visit our mission. I am excited because we as zone leaders get to be in a meeting with just him, the down side is he will probably chop our heads off.... Well, we will be pretty busy with all that. I realized now that we have such a young zone that i am getting old.... I feel like time is flying by. Well, i guess i just need to work super hard....LIKE ALWAYS

Love yall
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, February 16, 2009

Its gonna be a big one!!!

Howdy yall.
I have decided that to celebrate presidents day i will post lots of pictures(also cause i only recieved two e mails so i have none i need to write)

Here are lots of pics from the last couple weeks......

This is me looking at angel moroni at the temple... "Oh if i could preach with the voice of an Angel...."

This is just a little glamor shot of me in front of the temple.... I was thinking about the future i think..... Yep..... Good ol´ future :)

This is me posing in front of the temple.... There were other normal pics, but i like this model type pic the best...

Heres a picture of moroni... If you look close you will notice that he is missing his trumpet.... It fell out during the earthquake.... No worries, they are planing on puting it back soon...( i use a lot of periods.... Sorry about that...)

This is Me elder workman and a kid named kyle playing starwars.... Yep, im still a kid...
Next, we see a beautiful picture of the heavens.... I thought this was beautiful...

Next we see me preaching off of a bridge... What you cant see is all the people below listening to me....... Ok it was just a garbage filled river....

This is a smurf house i found on divisions with elder workman... You get the full effect with the special features of my camera....

here we have another shot of the heavens.....

I don´t know what i was going for here, but it turned out really nice. you can really see the concern in my face...(also if you zoom in real close you can see my man whiskers.... I am 20 now you know...)

Here is me working on Shanna´s valentines present...(shan if you didn´t get that yet stop looking)

Yep... More
Its Elder Haws...
This is us today at another mexican restarant in our area... It was pretty good i guess....
Yesterday we found out about changes... In our zone 7 out of nine areas have changes. We are loosing all of our senior comps except for two..... Basically we are doing so well, that they want to spread that success across the mission or at least thats what it appears. We will have a fresh new zone in a few days. Oh... I don´t have changes so i will be here with elder Soto for at least another six weeks:)

I turned 13 months old today... It seems like only yesterday i was turning one year... I guess it really does go by fast.

Anyway, i would say more words, but i put lots of pics, and they say something about pictures saying words and stuff.... Yeah, you get it...

Thanks all for reading this. You are so great

Love Yáll
Love, Elder Haws

Ps tami just e mailed me... SO she gets a special plug... YEAH TAMI ok thats all


Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, seeing how no one decided to email me except my mom(thanks for the e mail mom) i am punishing anyone that may be reading this but that didn´t gother to send anything. I am not going to tell you what happend this week.....

Ok i am not rude... Here you go.

So we have been doing something called the Habit in our zone. Basically we work really hard and form good habits. A lot more to it, but i dont feel like explaining..... So our zone is offically working really hard, and we are the best.

Well, it turns out that in the zone we have a tournament every three months against the zone of la paz (my first zone in the mission) We play sports, and the winner gets the... "halham mitchler cup" The four zone leaders who started it were Halgren and Burngham = halham Mitchell and Cutler = mitchler... Get it?

Well, we decided to mix it with the habit and place it as the ending part. Also, last wednesday we went to the temple as a reward for our hard work. Long story short, we dominated the cup, and are now the 2 time defending champs!!! Heres some pics of the zone in our shirts... MEtalica style!

Heres a shot of me with my bling... I am super gangsta now..... Werd!!!!

My Gangsta code name was "white chocolate".... Yeah... Im white #21... because the rest were takin... And cause its a special day;) Heres a shot of Elder Benitez with his shirt... You can see the front view really well so... Yeah....
This is me and my sick comp Elder Soto At the temple!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Well, thats all. I have to get back to saving the world now! Love Ya´ll
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, i have always recieved letters just fine, but i was told the other day that the adress is actually in San José, not in Zapote.... So now all letters should be sent to....

Elder Daniel Ronald Haws
Misión Costa Rica San José
Apartado Postal 249-2010
San José, Costa Rica

I don´t th8ink it really matters, but just so you know


Well, this week was CRAZY. We had five baptisms in our zone, and i had to do 3 of the baptismal interviews, therfore, i was on divisiones from tuesday until friday morning. I was with Elder Workman(went to weber high school) And we had a great time. I was with him for his birthday, so we bought a cake and made steak and potatoes. It was really good and or delicious.

Next, on friday night we had a meeting with the stake president and the mission president. It was really neat getting to sit on the same side of the table as the most powerful man in this contry. President Arbizú is truly an inspired man. ç

Saturday and sunday we were super busy getting things ready for zone council which we had today. Its a meeting with all of the Zone leaders, the Ap´s and the president. Also, sunday morning we had a baptism!!!! Of Ana Yancy. She is pretty cool! And was super happy to get baptised. It was a fight getting her to this point, but after our ward mission leader Humberto - 20 - baptised her, she was immediately smiling.

So zone council went really well today. It turns out are zone is THE BESt. We have been blessed to be so succesfull. Our zone is almost all city, and so it is harder, but we are teaching more, and baptising more than the rest... Oh well, we are still trying to beat the whole pride thing.....

Well, unfortunately this stupid computer doesn´t have USB2.0 and i forgot my card reader, so i cant put on any pictures today.... Sorry, maybe next time.... I have some good ones you know..

Thanks yall,(whoever you are)
Love, Elder Haws