Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we went to a really cool rock and i took some really good photos, but i have to go to the bathroom really really really bad so i will have to write about it next week. SORRY
Elder Haws

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well, we had transfers on thursday and i was sure i was getting a gringo. I actually got a little sad cause i started liking my latino, then, at transfers i got another latino.... His name is Elder Garcia and he is from sinaloa mexico. With elder chamaya he always spoke very formal very good spanish(he is from peru) and now with garcia he just talks a lot of sland and really non proper spanish. Yesterday i saw two people and asked what they were doing and he said they were "chupando la piña" brady i am sure you will get that and maybe some others too. I laughed really hard because i remembered that brady used to say that and now i finally understand where he got it from. The way i figure it my next companion is going to be from dominican republic... I am still really happy. My new mexican is really cool. He is very happy and very nice, but he walks slow... I think we will have a really good time together and a lot of success. Oh also, i had another baptism on satuyrday. His name is pedro aburto. He is from nicaragua and has only lived here for two weeks. He has investigated the church for a year and a half but couldn´t get baptised because he had a wife and was living with someone else. The day he left nicaragua his divorce was finalized. basically we called presidente with his situation and he said he needed to come to church twice and we could baptise him. So i baptised him. It was neat. Sometimes you sow sometimes you reap. Thats about all.... Sure love you and thanks for all you do.

Love, Elder Haws

This is me and Chamaya leaving from a cool ghetto house on his last day...

This Is a neat service activity that we had where we assembled wheelchairs...

These are all the wheelchairs we assembled... It was a lot more fun to test them than to build them.. There were 150.. This is a picture of me after i traded this kid watches.
This is me and my new comp Elder Garcia

This is me and our bishop..... He is cuban.

Heres a little glamour shot of me before the basptism;)

Me elder garcia and pedro!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What did i do today?

Well, today was a good day. We mostly just chilled, but i have a story. We went to san jose today cause i decided to buy a cool knife. I found one thats real cool and so i bought it. It was only like 5 bucks and really cool. So then we were walking around in our area and theres this guy. His name is Adonai and he is pretty cool. We found him like my second day here and he was really drunk. We got him to stop drinking and now he is our buddy. Anyway, today we were talking to him and i showed him my new knife. He was like.... I want that knife. He offered me like 2 buck for it and i said no way. He had this necklace that is really cool, so i said, i will give you my nife for your necklace... He said ok, and we traded. This necklace is an eagle carved into a baboons tooth and its really cool. Mauricio told me that it is really expensive. Adonai had asked me eairlier for something to remember me and i said i would look. He said when i found something he wanted he would give me the necklace for it. That is the story of how i got my cool necklace from a guy in costa rica with one leg. Oh i forgot to mention he only has one leg.... Yeah he is cool. That is all.
Also, i still love being a missionarry. We have a baptism on saturday and it should be pretty cool. ADIOS
Love, Elder Haws