Monday, August 31, 2009

All is well, all is well!!

Well, this week was cool. We had a WEDDING and it made me TRUNKY!!!!

a member who is a return missionary an had been inactive for quite some time decided he wanted to come back to church(we may have had a part of that... I don´t really know)
Well, he came back, and brought his.... i guess girlfriend... And their like 20 kids back to church. Well, we found out that they weren´t married, and so we talked about it, and they planned a HUGE wedding.

Here we are in the very back..
Heres the cake... It was good for a tico cake (si un tico lea esto perdoname pero los quuqes no son buenos aqui al menos que Felsy los hace...)
While they were taking pictures, they said"family" and took pictures... then they said "elder" i thought who is elder... And then they took pictures with us. They are happily wed, and Saileen and her daughter July will be baptised this week.
In the afternoon before the wedding, we didn´t have lunch cause our cook was cooking for the wedding, so we made lunch(i don´t know whats with the sweater vest....)

Oh, and at the wedding we were singing with these two guys... I think they were a little drunk... You can´t here us sing, cause the guy came in and told us to stop.

Well, thats all form here. All is well!!!!!

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is anybody out there????

Does anyone even read this? I am not sure. Oh well, at least i will have a cool electronic journal someday....

Well, this week was great. On last sunday Elder Ramirez went home, so his companion Elder Davis was with us for an "undetermined time". Well, Elder Martinez went on divisions with one of our areas, and left me with Elder Davis. He is from Albequerque New Mexico. Well, luckily, on friday they called and told us he was going to get a companion on saturday. While we were together, i realized how much i have grown as a missionary. Elder Davis worries so much about everything, and thats exactly how i used to be. I used to get som upset if one of our investigators didn´t progress, or if no one wanted to listen to us. What i learned, is that peopl make there own choices, and as long as we present our message the best we can, it isn´t our fault. I didn´t realize that i had learned this until i was with elder Davis. He is a great kid, and will do great things in his mission. I am sure that my Zone leaders thought the same thing about me when i was a youngan, and now look at me.

Well, today we went fishing on the beach with one of Golfitos investigators. Unfortunately, we only caught two fish. The first one was a little guy that martinez caught, but it fell of his hook before he got it in(i don´t really count that) the second, i caught. But, it turns out it was a blow fish, and they are poisonous, so i had to let it go. Needless to say, we are hungry cause we didn´t eat lunch.... Heres a picture that basically explains our day without words....
My feet got sunburned.... But i have had worse
Sorry I didn´t take a picture today of us fishing... But i am sure you can imagine.

Well, that all for now

Love, Elder Haws

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy mothers day!!! (in costa rica)

Well, it turns out that mothers day is a diferent day here... I don't know why, but it is. So this week, we had our mothers day activity in the Church.

For some reason we decorated it like valentines day... I don't kno why... But we Played ames, listened to two kids play Marimba, and everyone(except for me and my comp) danced.

This is a picture of a crab that i ate.... Suprisingly it was delicious.

This is a plate of my food... You can se the crabs, and oysters there... I actually like it so much that i am going to tell our cook to from now on only make seafood...

While everyone danced i got to watch Keidan, so i let him play with my nametag...

He is one of the coolest kids i have ever blessed(i have only blessed two but they are both super cool)

The Party was great.

So remeber our new dog Bookie? Well he isn't really ours, but every night when we get home he runs into our house. Anyway, the other day he was eating Elder Martinez' shoes... It was funny.

I think he may have given us fleas.....

Also, today for pday we went to the beach... It was cool, but we just sat there and looked at it... Oh then we threw a cocanut out there and saw who could hit it with a rock.... Yeah...

This is me Elder Ash, and Elder Davis. Oh and you can see elder flores' pants in the background.
Elder Davises companion went home yesterday(he finished the mission) and so for the next month Elder Davis(byu shirt) will be in a trio with my comapanion and I. He is from Albequerque New Mexico. He is cool.
Well, Thats basically all for this week.
Things are still AWESOME and i am not even trunky even though yesterday i hit my 19 month mark....
Peace out,
Elder Haws

Monday, August 10, 2009

Elder "Of my dreams" Haws

Howdy yall. Well, its time for the whole monday comunication with the family.
So this week was pretty cool. Basically we went to San Jos'e for transfers. The transfer meeting was weird, but cool. My comp and i are still together.
So about two weeks ago, we went to visit Guiermo and his family. They were inactive, we reactivated them, and baptised Joseline. Well, when we showed up to their house, i peeked in the window, and what did i see??? THEM READING THE BOOK OF MORMON AS A FAMILY!!!

I know that to most this may seem insignificant, but to me it is like a payday! You have no idea how excited i was!!!

Also, a few weeks ago our neighbor got a new lil puppy. They named him something stupid like poopy, so we decided to change his name. First i started calling him Bufalo cause he kinda slightly looks like a buffalo (He is some sort of bulldog mut mix), and then my comp called him Bookie. I guess he had had a dog named bookie way back when, and well, it stuck. So anyway, bookie is always running around in our yard(because we share a yard with the neighbor) and the other day, he learned to come into our house. Now, when we wake up in the morning and open the door, he is there waiting to come in. We don't mind, and one day i even gave ghim a tie....
Oh cool shoe huh, i bought them for really cheap(ask nick he will tell you all about it)

Actually speaking of my new shoes, we went to the border of panama last week, and i was looking for some new shoes to play soccer, you see the week before we were playing soccer and i fell down about 15 times cause my sambas are all worn out. Well i searched and searched for a good deal, but everyone was just so expensive. Finally after giving up, i found a great deal!!! i got two pairs of shoes for less than half the price that everyone else was charging for just one pair. I forgot to take a picture of them, but here is a cool picture of me wearing them...
Yep, they are hover shoes. Oh also, i got a cool pair of sweat pants for 2 bucks...

Ok now to the important part... Last sunday a guy showed up to church and told us he wanted to be baptised.... Yeah i know thats just something that happens here... Well, we talked to him for about an hour, and this guy allready knew everything. It turns out he had investigated for a long time in sn jose but never felt like getting baptised. Well, we put a baptismal date with him for the next saturday(or last saturday)

And....... WE BAPTISED HIM!!!

This is Nelberth Gutierrez Quiros It turns out he is our branch presidents brother in law....

Well, thats all folks!!
Thanks for everything,
Elder Haws

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Missionary Of My Dreams

A little bit of Danny's letter to Jan on August 3...

Well, all is well here. Today wont have time to write on my blog, because we are EXTREMELY LATE. We took the wrong bus coming home from playing soccer with the other missionaries, and because of that, we are very very late. Hopefuly you can put a little something on the blog to make up for it.

Well, every time changes are close, i decide all the things i will do better when i get to my next area. This time i had a VERY long list. I kept thinking about some of the things we do, and then ask myself what i would think if the missionaries in our ward did those things. (don´t worry not really really bad things, just small and simple things) Well, i made a mental list of what to do better in my next area. On saturday night they called us to tell us who has changes on the sixth, and (drum rolllllllllllllllll) I dont have changes. Elder Martinez and i will be together for six more weeks. Luckily, this time i was very prepared for whatever came. I absolutely love the people here and so it is easy to stay. Also, my companion and i get along really well, which makes it easy. Six months in rio claro, ¡Que Suerte! Ok so back to my list of things to change.... Well, i layed in my bed unable to sleep, and thought about my list of things to change, and tried to put order to them, but it was so hard to do, that i fell asleep. When i woke up in the morning, i was a knew person. Every thing i did, i thought"would the missionary of my dreams do this?" and if the answere was yes, i did it. If it was no, i didn´t. Well, i have kept doing that, and i feel a lotm better. On sunday, everyone was happy that i am staying. The people herte are great. Well, in my testimony, i told everyone sorry if i haven´t been the missionary of mine and their dreams. I told them from now on if i do anything that they think is not in line with hte missionarry of my dreamsw, please tell me so that i can change it. I decided that i was wrong thinking that i neede a new area to change. I feel like i am truly starting to become the missionary that i have dreamed of since i can remember(and the one shanna has dreamed of:)..)

Well, also on sunday i taught sunday school, as i do every week. It was great. Everyone participated and wel all learned. It was about adversity, based on d+c 121 and 122.It was one of the greatest lessons i have been a part of. Let me say a few words about my sunday school class... It is great. At first it was hard teaching 20 to 30 adults, but after about 3 weeks, i got the hang of it. They are just great. I have seen many of our members grow in the 4.5 months i have been here.

Also, on sunday a member who we found knoking doors came to church for the first time in years. When we found here she was pregnant, and now she had her baby a little more than a month ago. Her daughters name is Allison, and she is one of the cutest babies ever. Well, she brought allison to pe bleesed in church, and guess who the lucky one was that got to bless her.... Me. I would say that the two most powerfull experiences that i have had in my mission are the two baby blessings i have done. As i took this super super cute baby in my arms, i looked down at her, and she looked back. I just looked into her eyes, and i could feel the spirit so strong. I was feeled woth feelings about where she recently came from, and where she will go min her life, and i gave her a blessing accordingly. Isn´t it so great that we have the chance to be part of great thigns like that? I truly feel that now after 18 months i am becoming a faithfull proven tool in the lords hands. I feel like he now knows he can trust me to get the job done. And it only took me 18 months to get there

I know that this church is true, and that i truly am part of a great cause.

Love, Elder Haws