Monday, June 29, 2009

¡¡¡Adios Amigo!!!

Well, the time has come. President arbizú is endiong his mission this week.(tomorrow actually)

On thursday we went to transfers, and it was basically a farewell to the Arbizús. It was great to say good bye to them and listen to their final words for us.
President Arbizú is the man, and i am going to miss him. I know that President Galvez will be awesome as well.This is a random picture i took.

Well, i know this is short, but this is all i got. I LOVE this work. We are doing awesome things.

Thanks for your support
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, lets get started.

First, this week we had interviews with President aArbizú. It was pretty awesome. We gave a training on wednesday about how to protect baptismal dates. It was pretty good. Next, on thursdya we had a great training by the APs. i learned a lot in the few days we were together.
Next, we visited Tatianas family. I took a picture of Kaden(the baby i blessed)

Unfortunately, my companion got sick, so we had to stay in the house friday ALL DAY!!!
(he slept with two fans)
While in the house all day, i got hungry, and so i took all of the stuff in the fridge and made this meal... It had like veggies and stuff... It was actually pretty good.Luckily, my companion was well enough to walk, so we went to our fathers day activity. It was fun, and this was the best part...

(theres supposed to be a video here of all the fathers with balloons tied to their feet trying to pop the rest of the baloons....Just imagine it)

So thats all for last week, then, today we had an awesome pday.
My comp still isn´t feeling well, so we stayed home until lunch, then while at our cooks house, i decided to make orange juice, so i went to get oranges....
Once i found them, i decided to make sure they tasted good......They SURE did:)!!! Kylie helped me!!!(she is our cooks daughter and my best friend)(don´t worry shanna, she is only 3) And so diod Negra(the dog)Heres kylie... She is so cool!Well, thats all for today. I am still the best missionarry ever, and i am still SUPER SUPER Happy. Yesterday we found out that i don´t have changes on thursday!!!

Love ya´ll
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, Here I am again. I decided to start with me doing my cool move from last week..

So this week was pretty normal. I decided to take a few pictures of my area. This is a sign that says Rio Claro. in the background you can see a bunch of palms... You see, here in Rio Claro, there are about a cagillion palms. They harvest the fruits and make palm oil,

Here i am in the path that leads to a big neighborhood. People tell us there are lots of snakes in the Palms, but i haven´t seen one yet. Actually i always look for them
Heres my comp and i on this neat jungle trail.
This is Rio Claro. If you understand the meaning of rio claro you, like i, will be surprised to see that it is really dirty...
It turns out the bridge was built by the United states.... GO US!(That could be U.S. or us, but i don´t really know which one i meant.)
The mission is still super awesome. As of tomorrow i have 17 months in the mish. I definately can´t believe how fast it is going by. It is crazy. Well, thats all for now. I sure love this work.
Love Elder Haws

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey!!! Look what I learned!!!

Well, here i am still in costa rica. So to give you a quick lil run through of my highlights for this week, here i go! First, we wokred really hard... Ok fast forward to sunday. So on sunday we had three babies that we blesssed. I got to bless this lil guy named Kaden. He is a super cute lil baby. He is the nephew of Tatiana, the lil girl we baptised a few weeks ago. Its really cool when we can help a family come back to the church like that!!! Well, while i was giving him the blessing, i felt the spirit so strong!!! It was incredible. I would almost say that it is one of the coolest things i have done in my mission. So there is sunday!!! Next, today, the mission had a HUGE mission activity where Everyone went!!! When i say everyone, i mean everyone except for our zone. It turns out its just too far away and they didn´t want us to waste a whole two days(with travel) Actually when i found out that we wouldn´t be able to go to the activity, President told my companion and i that we could go as representatives of our zone. We decided, that instead we would just have an activity that was better than theres, so we did. So today we played soccer on a cool field, and then we watched the Count of Monte Cristo.

So in order to do the activity, four missionaries had to stay over at our house last night. While we were there,elder Hooper (pronounced the dumb way) started doin handstands and stuff, so i learned to do a handstand. Also, he tought me to do this lil trick. This is me learning, but later i finaly got it. Unfortunately i didn´t record me finally doing it, so i will just have to show you in 7 months!

Ok, well, thats about all ive got. I forgot to take cool pictures this week, but i will be on it next week. Love you all!,
So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Love, Elder Haws

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A day late....

Well, as you may have noticed, I am a day late today. It turns out on sunday night we had to go to san jopse for a meeting with all the zone leaders. It took us 7.5 hours to get there like always. We had the meeting on monday morning, and at 3 after the meeting we got back on a bus and came home... Yep, we got home at 10:30 so we had no time to do internet, and now here we are on tuesday doing it quick.

This week was great. To start to week out, I went to Golfito on divisiones. I was there for three days. Highlights of that are, I found this cool soda.. Like a restaurant... And took a picture.

Also, while in golfito, we found a gecko. Elder Ramirez was playing with it, and then it died... Kinda sad, well he set it on the desk, and when we came back at night, this is what we found....
The ants here are really amazing. They eat everything, and they eat it fast. One time they ate my pez and I was FURIOUS!!!!

Next, on saturday, we did service with out cook. We put up these three huge columns, and then filled them with cement. It was hard work. in this pic you can see me filling it with cement. It may not look high, but thats because I am standing on a huge stack of cinderblocks... I know that plad shorts don´t really go with rubber boots, but oh well, live with it...

After, I had to lift the topper of the pillar up and put it on there. It was super hard, and i had to use all my strength three times before i got on. I didn´t think anyone would see the top, so i put my name on all three of the pillars:)

Here i am playing with the little bit of left over cement we used.... Yep, i am quite the artist...

On sunday, the teacher for sunday school didnt show up, so I had to teach the lesson( to the adults) luckily it was about the plan of salvation, so it was east to teach... Here is a picture of the diagram I drew on the board... Part of me thinks Bob Bodily would be proud, but then I realize my drawing is crazy and takes the Urrim and Thummum to read. I promise that while I was explaining it, it made sense!!!!

Finally, here´s a video of what I did on the long bus ride... You can´t hear my sound effects, but they are great..

Well, thats all for now. Things here are great. Me and my comp are working as hard as ever. We have a lot of baptisms coming up real soon. (I always say that)

Thanks for your support!!
I am HAPPY!!!!

Love Always, Elder Haws