Thursday, February 7, 2008

Danny's Email February 7th

Well it has been another week at the MtC. Everyone says the weeks are like days and the days are like weeks, it is so true. Today has been SOOO long and tedios. We have an average of about 12 hours of class/ study a day. By the end it seems like it has been forever, but then before you know it its wednesday again and the new elders are coming in. Its so weird to me that i am now on my fourth wednesday. If the days are like weeks i wonder what the years are like........ I have seen a lot of good friends while i have been here. Elder Logan Green has class on the same floor as me and i see him everyday. Elder Andrew Gooch left on monday, but i saw him quite often and even took a picture with him. Elder Chris Colvin is also on the same floor and i see him about everyday. Elder Justin McGary is in logan Zone (elder green is the zone leader) I was surprised to see him and it turns out my zone leader is his best friend which is cool cause Elder Green is one of my best friends(i hope that made sense) Well pictures are on the way and I have to go do laundry. I love being a missionary and i love this work. I feel the spirit constantly and it is amazing. Thanks all for the support and i will right again sometime. Elder Haws