Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elder Brothers

(This post is by Emily)

Danny sent me this picture. It's my two missionary brothers! Johnny's brother Blake is in Honduras. They were in the MTC at the same time and lived on the same floor so they got to see each other all the time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well...... I got nothin..

I don´t have anything interesting to say, only that it rains a lot now. It has rained everyday for about 2 weeks. Its kinda fun, i am surprised at some of these houses that they can withstand the rain. There are a lot of houses that are not quite as sturdy as kamp kaboom. I actually feel right at home in a lot of them. We were exploring the other day and we found a tree house, but it was really a house. I would send pictures, but if i takr my camera around in my area it will probably get stolen. Its kindof a bummer that i cant take lots of pictures. I have thought a couple of times here that my friends and i could make a living just building ghetto huts here. Anyway, thats about all. I am having a good memorial day all alone. Its my first memorial day ever that i havent seen another american. Adios until next week
Elder Haws

Monday, May 19, 2008


We didn´t do anything cool this week so i am just going to share some thoughts i just had. As i was reading my e mails today, i read one from my mother. She said that fremonts graduation was today, witch means i have been graduated for a year. Also, she said braxton left last week and gave me the adress to his blog. As i was looking at it i realized that we(my friends and i) are all grown up. I looked at the pictures of braxtons fiesta and missed the good old times. It seems like yesterday that we graduated and now we are all practically on missions. Oh how time flies. I am so gratefull that i have always had such great friends, and even though they probably don´t even read this, thanks friends. Thats really all, Love
Elder Haws

Monday, May 12, 2008


Sorry that i am posting twice today, but i had a lot of stuff happen this week.....

This week we finally got to baptise this super cool family. My very first costa rican that i met was our taxi driver after transfers. The whole way to our area he and my companion were talking. I didnt understand anything and every once in a while they would stop talking. Thats when i realized they were asking me questions. I did understand one and that was when he aske me if i liked to drink coffee... Basically it was weird and really uncomfortable. That very same day after i unpacked we went to this neighborhood and stated talking to people. We saw a little kid on his bike and he rode over to us. My comp started talking to him and i didnt understand much. Then we went with him to his house. When we knoked on the door, i was a little lost. Then, Mauricio answered the door. He was the taxi driver. We went in and taught them the first lesson. Apperantely he was allready an investigator and they had taught him before i came. Durring our lesson he drank 3 beers and smoked about 5 cigarettes, but it was apparent on our second visit that he had a very strong testimony of jopseph smith.... To make a long story short, after 2 months of struggling to quit smoking and a lot of other weird stuff (including but not limited to cool dreams, scary dreams, and a possesed evagelical lady) they were baptised on the 10th of may 2008. The next day they were confirmed and mauricio recieved the priesthood. It has been a wonderfull experience watching them grow and become converted. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the true church. While Elder Chamaya was baptising emilia mauricio said to me " THIS is a true baptism" I don´t doubt that he will go on to be a great leader in the church, and as soon as pedro(the kid on the bike) turns 8, He will get to be baptised by his father. I love this work. It gets better everyday.

Elder Chamaya and I (I baptised two, and he baptised two)
This Is the family. Left Side is elder Chamaya, then Mauricio, Emilia, Danna, And me. In the front is Pedro, and Fabiola.Me with my first Tico(costa rican)This is about the coolest picture ever...This is me about to baptise fabiola. First i baptised Danna, then Fabiola, then Elder Chamaya baptised Emilia, followed by Mauricio.I really have clothes on still, but i just couldnt resist. You know me......

Overall, it was a great service. Thanks everyone for all your prayers that made this possible. I love you all
Love, Elder Haws

A little story

Here is a little story!!!

I woke up the other morning and looked like i decided to cut my hair...

It was really hard at first and didnt work so well...

But then it started to get fun.
I think i did an especially good job on the back.

Then i rememberd nick also cut his hair and that he also took glamore shots.

So i took some glamore shots too.This one didn´t quite turn out how i wanted it... I was going for Something more attractive...
All in all, it was a good experience and i save about two dollars, but $2 once a month for 24 months is $48 dollars, so i guess i am going to come out on top in the end. Maybe i will even buy my own hair clipper machine...

Monday, May 5, 2008


I was just looking at emily´s blog and in one of the pictures i saw my lunch box on the counter....
This can only mean one of two things.
Either mom stopped cleaning and let the house go when i left, or you have replaced me. I just hope Its not carl thats using it...

Nothing Super

Nothing super just a note to say I am still allive.
Everything is super awesome here. We havent had a cool p-day for a while... Today we had to go to san jose cause my comp needs glasses. Weirdly enough my comp in the mtc needed glasses too while he was my comp.... Maybe i have super powers or something... Maybe the reason my vision is so good is because i steal vision from others....... SHANNA WEARS GLASSES TOOOO!!!!!!

Anyway, i am still loving being a missionarry. I am excited to call on mothers day, but i still don´t know when i will call... I guess thats all i have to say. Love you all and thanks for all you do. Thanks for the prayers. I really feel them(especially when i have cow stomache for lunch)

So long and thanks for all the fish

Love, Elder Haws