Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, first, in light of me not being there for the family pumpkin carving, here is my pumpkin.... Sorry, its not very good......

Its supposed to be a missionary..... i forgot the tag.... CRAP, well imagine there is a name tag there, i accidently cut it out and couldn´t get it back in with a toothpick......

Second matter of buisness, BAPTISM

On saturday, we babtised Miriam de la Trinidad Del Socorro Chaverri Flores( also the other elders, elder Lee and elder keddington baptised a guy named manuel)

Yes it was hard remembering her name for the baptism. Miriams story is really incredible, and i would love to share it with you sometime. Ask me about it, and i will be sure to tell you.

Thanks for all, Love Elder Haws

Monday, October 20, 2008


So i heard there was some flooding in Costa Rica...... I am not sure, if its true, but yesterday it rained realy really hard and the stream behind our house turned into a crazy river. Its normaly just a litle stream that cars can cross, but as you can see here, the river was coming down the road as well. This probaly doesn't have anything to do with the flooding, besides that they both involve lots of water.
You might recognize this stream from the realeasing of the turtle we found......
After, we went to a less active families house for their daughters birthday party, she had a cake
and even had a crown....(it said happy new year)
She just turned eight and will be baptised on saturday with one of our investigators named Miriam. She might be crazy, Miriam not the kid, but she read the whole book of mormon and so we are baptising her. Last but not least, i took a cool picture of these flowers by our house....Everything is going well, and I am excited to get out my white clothes again. Love you all,
Elder Haws

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, this week was normal....

Normail week. Worked, had a little fight, and next thing you know............ We found a turtle. It was realy big and my comp loved it. Then, qwe took it to a nearby river and let it free. Other than that, all was normal. We have a lot of people that should be getting baptised this month...

Love yall, Elder Haws

Monday, October 6, 2008

Aloha from costa rica!!!

Well, this week has been interesting. General conference was here, so we enjoyed it. Saturday, there were more missionaries in the chapel than there were members. It was amazing and i learned a lot. Sunday, the first session was completely full. We went to get investigators(we brought 8) and got there late, and our investigators were the very last ones to fit. I found a little closet in the very back of the church by the stage, so i sat on the stairs in there.

It wasn´t a very good view, but i was there.

Then the afternoon session was almost empty. The members here are all about doing the least that they have to do. In between sessions, we went to lunch with our cook. I made a fish out of my rice,
and then found a mask and turned into a super hero.
after, i gave a blessing to my lamanite friend Elias who is going into surgery this week to get a piece of cartelage removed from his eyebrow.

Earlier this week we made empenadas....

They were really good....

But i got really really full....

When we got home it started raining really hard....

Then i sang master the tempest is raging, and it stopped.

Well, thats about all that happened. We have some really good investigators right now that are almost sure baptisms. I am really happy and i sure just love this work!(and letters hint hint)

Well, love ya´ll. I have to go "save the world"(quote from lila) now

Love, Elder Haws