Thursday, January 7, 2010


Danny will be coming home on Tuesday, January 19th at about 9:00 p.m.

He will speak at the Muskrat Springs ward on Sunday, January 24th at 9:00 a.m. The church is located at 5375 S 5900 W in Hooper. This is the new stake center across from the Chambers' house, the same one where Tami and Andy had their wedding receptions. It is not the same building he spoke at when he left.

We are very excited for Danny to come home. Jan spent the day washing sheets and vacuuming carpets and getting Danny's room ready for him to come home. She found a tiny missionary name tag that said "Future Missionary" on it. It's hard to believe that our tiny little Danny has almost completed his mission and is coming home.

Looking back, it seems like his time has gone quickly, although we feel like we haven't seen him in a VERY LONG TIME!!!! It seems like forever ago that we dropped him off for his mission. As we were leaving, we caught a glimpse of Danny and we all waved goodbye for 2 years. He tried to pull out his phone to text us, but he didn't have it. Not being able to text was one of the hardest adjustments for him.

When Danny left, Lila was 3, the twins were 1, and Benson was just 4 months old. Since then, we have had Alex and Molly join our family. Emily and her kids are coming to visit and will be here when Danny gets home. It will be great to finally have almost everyone together again (we will miss Johnny).

It has been such a blessing to have Danny serve a mission. We can tell that he has grown so much, but we hope that he's the same old goofy Danny. We are so excited to see him again!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"fecha" means "date".... in case you didn't know

well, internet is not working today for some reason. I am sorry but this is tyhe only email i am going to be able to send. Please tell everyone sorry for me.

My new companion is elder urbina from Honduras. He is a great kid. Really humble, and i am excited to work with him. We ot to our area wednesday at about 630 and first thing we did was visit a new family. On friday we put a baptismal fecha with them. If you don´t know what a fecha is... sorry.

Well anyway, things are great. I will probably be calling this week, i am guessing sunday to set up the call. it will probably be about 730 at night or a little earlier... we don´t have daylight savings here though. Ok well, i will talk to you soon.

Im almost home
Love ELder Haws

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Picture Overload!

Ok so this week was Thanksgiving as you well know. Well, we decided to have a dinner as a district. So we tried to find turkey.... The only one we found cost like over fifty bucks... Also none of us know how to cook turkey, and we have no ovens. Ok so we talked and discussed it, and decided between two things.... All you can eat pizza hut (about eight bucks) or some sort of chicken. Well, we decided on the piza hut, and then later found out... they don´t do the "pizza attack" anymore. So we were forced to look for chicken. We planned it out well, and found thirty pieces of chicken for a pretty good deal, and we were still under budget. We found a good deal on mug rootbeer (three liters) so we got a few of those. Then we still had money, so we got some frozen fries and cooked those, and STILL had money, so we made some brownies (borrowed the oven from the church). We divided the chicken between the six of us!!! That's five pieces each. Well, it was definately awesome. We even read a Psalm before we ate, and then we all stood up and said something we are thankful for.
This is the before dinner picture.
This is after feasting.
Well, thanksgiving was great. We didn´t have pie, but I did eat so much brownies and milk that I almost barfed. Ok so last night we were planning p-day and we decided that we wanted to see the sun rise, and also make our day as long as possible. So we woke up at four thirty ish and went up to the top of the mountain to see it. We sat on some old ruins and it was pretty cool.
This is the sun rising.... I think you can see a cruise ship in the background
This is cool...
This is my favorite. That's a trompo... its a top and ALL the kids have them, so we learned to play... now we do it all the time. I have two in my pocket right now!!
Later, we went to see these racing sail boats that just got here from france... they were pretty cool. I guess they are like really expensive.
Also, today we had to do our tithing deposit, but the lines at the bank are allways long the 30th through the 7th so we went at about six thirty and waited for the bank to open at eight thirty... We played dominos and everyone laughed at us, but we were second in line... It was kinda like black friday....

Well, now its only 12:40 and we have already had an awesome p-day... We should still do way cool stuff today...
Ok well, I am not trunky, and we have changes on Monday........
WOW time flies!
Love ya´ll
Love, Elder Haws

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Generation of missionaries

Well, these pictures are of two things:
First our celebration of my 22 months and my comps 4 months (it was kinda depressing for him).
Also here is a picture of the "two generation" chicken sandwich. It had chicken patty, cheese, an egg(hence the two generations) and the other normal sandwich stuff. It was delicious.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Forgot one...

Danny sent me this picture but didn't say what it was... I guess you can use your imagination.

Picture make up

My fish from last week
our district two weeks ago...
same trip, on the beach!!!(notice the garbage..)
my comp landed on board walk 5 times with my hotel, and he still managed to beat me after playing for three hours!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, this week was great yet long yet short I don't know how that works. It’s getting hard not to be trunky. Almost everyone asks me how much time I have left, or at least I feel like it, and I just tell them “I go home next year” which isn't a lie, but a little.

Well, today we went fishing. In all, we caught six fish. I caught three and elder Litchfield caught four. Yes your right, that is seven…. Oops. Well, we spent so much on shrimp to fish with I couldn't figure out why we didn't just eat shrimp, but the guy who took us said we couldn't eat them. In the end, we didn't even come home with fish, because he needed them for his family, but it was fun. After we went to the new burger king they just opened here in Limón. I think the lady was flirting with me a little…. But she must have been at least thirty, and I am a missionary, and Shanna is a lot awesomer!!!!

Well, that’s basically it. Oh. I got to this area with 75 ties, so we had a tie trade in our district. I got rid of like thirty ties, and got about 4 for them. It was a great trade.
Love ya'll (some more than others).

Love, Elder Haws