Monday, March 31, 2008


So yesterday i was feeling pretty dumpy. I ate some pigs feet the night before and i think that was the problem(mom i am just fine now don´t worry) So yeah at church i was misserable. A lady came up to me and was talking to me. My head hurt so i didn´t really understand all that she said, but later, my comp said" we just met your first baptism" i didn´t really understand what he meant, but later the lady came over again and said that her eight year old son wanted to be baptised and he wants me to baptise him... That will make a bad day better... So yeah i think we are going to teach him tonight.
Costa rica is amazing. The people here are so poor, but they are so happy. They are so humble! Anyway, I love this work! I love this place and am excited for the rest of my mission.
Love, Elder Haws

¡Qué bonita!

So what do six missionaries in paradise do on their p-day??
They find a waterfall of course!! Six of us(me, my comp.-elder chamaya(de peru), our district leader-elder westergard and his comp-elder apaza(de peru), and the zone leaders elder glenn and elder binks. It was pretty cool. I guess thats what happens when you are in the best mission in the world....
Ok so this is one a three awesome waterfalls we found.
this is another
Cool eh? Its sideways, but i can´t figure out how to turn it...
Maybe someone else can...

¿¿¿Mission, or vacation???
This is me in the back of some random truck on the way to the trail. We only had to pay the guy 3000 colones(that like six bucks)

Monday, March 24, 2008

This is basically costa rica
This is the coffee field behind our house. It doubles as a dump(just below this picture is
our little river)
Click this and it gets big. Everything you can see is my area.

This is just a random view from our apartment

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is the view from my house!

I would post more, but Costa Rican internet is SUPER slow...

Yep i am still sitting here waiting for this to upload......

Its been like 15 minutes allready lol.

Yo tango paciencia, pero PORQUE!!!

Ok so now it has been about an hour that i am waiting and i need to go baptise some people...

Ok i got impatient cause i was wasting time waiting. COSTA RICA ROCKS. I will upload pics on monday

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Farewell Pictures

I just got a memory card from Danny with a TON of pictures and videos. So I will try to post a few here and there to get us by until we get another memory card. Please keep checking the blog and keep making comments!

Danny and his friends
Danny and his female friends Dan and Shan