Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell Don Bosco

Well, i got the call last night, and i am getting transfered on thursday. I guess i am a little bummed. This past week, i was on divisions for EVER with elder shoemaker. He is super cool, and we had a great time. I am going to miss elder soto, but i am ready for a new area, and i feel i completed my work here in don bosco.
Oh, also this past week, we made sloppy joes with a recent convert family( the same one we made tacos with) and they were delicios, but not quite like the ones my mom makes.

Well, i appologize that this week is short and without photos, but i just didnt have anything to take pics of. I promise this week i will take a bunch.

Anyway, sure love you all
Thanks for all you do.
Love, Elder Haws

Monday, March 23, 2009

Normal week......

Well, when i say normal week what i mean is... Nothing happened. At least nothing worth taking pics of, but heres a few random ones i took just to have something to send you.

This is me putting on my tie for tami´s birthday(also saint pattys day) I didn´t realize until about 10 30 at night that it was saint pats day, so i hurried and put on this tie i have been saving for this special day. Then i pinched my companion... He got mad.... And we went to bed.....

Today we had to get a package for my companion out of customs.... It was full of mexican candy.... Actually i feel a little sick because of all the candy....

Next, i have been working on solving a rubix cube. I am getting pretty good... Hopefully by the next week i will have beat the world record or something... I will be sure to let you know....

also, i ran out of toothpaste today..... Yeah i was pretty desperate for pictures...
Well, thats all. We found out this week that our best investigator can´t be baptised becasue of a serious problem in her life.... I was super bummed. I talked to her today for about 20 minutes and she was extremely depressed. She is moving tonight, so we will probably never see her again...... Yep thats basically all thats happening in the work here. Our zone is working really really hard and we are still the best. So the second of april we have changes... There is a good chance i will be changed, which kinda sucks. Soto is like one of my best friends of all time. We get along SUPER well. I think thats how you know its time for getting transfered. Next week at this time i will know if i am getting transfered. Also, this week i am going to another area in our zone to help and old missionarry realize that he can still change his lazy ways and work hard his last few months. I will be there all week. So my last week in this area i will be on divisiones.... Oh well at least i wont have to keep eating nasty mexican candy
Love you all
Keep on rocking!
Elder Haws

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, do to losing my camera for a week, i haven{t put on lots of pics, but luckily now i have a lot to put on now... So lets start...

This is sister Ana Guzman bringing us the paint to paint her wall( see last weeks post)

This is me taping of the wall.. If you can{t tell i am sitting on a four inch ledge.... And i am above a stairwell... (nice shoes...)
Here I am getting the top corner.....

This is me ona 2by4 painting(still over stairwell) Me an Elder Soto(viva mexico) painting the wall a lighter shade of blue...

Yeah... you get it.... I am still on the wood plank...

Good work elder soto

This is me putting in a lightbulb so you can see the true beauty at night.

Finish shot... Neat huh.

This is Sister Guzman talking on the phone to her two daughters that are in Holland..... Yep, long story...

(ps. Future wife, i really like the way she has her house painted half blue and half rust.... Keep that in mind for when we have a house)

A few of my favorite people in in

We had a jump rope competition, but seeing as how the jump rope was super small i had to pull my legs up high to jump and it was hard...

This is our baptism from last week.... Raquel YEAH

Me the night before making sure the baptism clothes would fit...

Me and Soto in Pollo Campero. We are both kinda sick. He has a cold, and i feel like i have mono..... I swear i haven´t kissed anyone in 14 months!! Oh ps today i have 14 months in the mish.

Elder Stevens and I playing legos....

Well, thats our week. Still working hard!!! I am super happy, and as alwaysi absolutely love being here!!!!!!!!!


Love, Elder Haws

Monday, March 9, 2009

blog problem....

Howdy ya´ll

Well, this week was great. First we made tacos for family night with a recent convert family!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! and my mexi comp did a really good job. Heres some picks...


Other than that, this week was normal. When i say normal what i mean to say is that we had to do three baptismal interviews... Cross a nasty poo filled river guided by a bum in order to save about 20 minutes on a bus... I got sick one day but then better... My comp is super cool.... Painted an extremely awesome inactive ladys house(actually now she is just less active cause she came to church on sunday for the first time in years) Talked to lots of bums.... Got my camera stolen but then recovered it.... Learned a big lesson about forgiveness....Oh yeah... And we had a baptism..... Well, because my camera was stolen when we painted the house and durring the baptism i dont have pics of all that, but my comp still had his so i will put some on next week. So yeah, i think you get the point right.... Yep, still a happy missionarry :)
Love Ya everyone(except for those i don´t know, but im sure i would at least like you....)
Love, Elder Haws

Ps. don´t worry, i got my camera back.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yo Yo

Hey all.
Its me, Elder Haws. Well, this week was good. We had the visit of elder Falabella (as i mentioned last week) It was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!
We had some really great experiences and learned a lot. It really help us with our faith, and now we are seeing miricles.
Just going to share a quick experience and then i am out!!

This week we were in La Carpio. Its supposedly really dangerous. It is just like the place that they show on the comerciales when they sell kids "for a small donation of 32 cents you can be the proud owner of this poor little kid"

Literally, i have looked for cameras always when we are there, because i guarantee they have filmed those here at least once.... Well, long storry short, we were bummed cause no one wanted us, and we decided that we were going to finish our day there and then not go back. So we went to our last appointment with a family we reactivated. We shared a message, and were about to pray when my companion turned to there non member sister in law that we taught a long time ago. He asked if she had been reading the book of mormon and she said yes. He asked if she had prayed and she said yes. She only said yes, but not really very convincingly so i told her that it was inportant thats she read and pray so she could find out that the church is true. She responded by saying that she knew it was true..... I asked..... What about baptism..... And she said she wanted to be baptised. So she will be baptised this next sunday morning.

Sometimes i think God makes things hard just to see how willing we are to try and perservere. I am glad that we perserveered and that we were able to feel the promptings of the spirit to find out how prepared she really was

I know this church is the church of Christ. I recieve a stronger testimony of that everyday!!!

I am so happy to be here working super hard

Love, Elder Haws

ps. I didnt have any good pictures this week, so the picture i put on is of me with a baloon named juan carlmalone....