Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing new....

Well, this week was by far not as interesting as last week, but i figure since i did so well last week this week can be short. It sufices me to say that we are working hard, my companion is AWESOME and i am SUPER happy. I actually feel like i might know what i am doing now.....

Here are a few photos.... The first is my ingrown toe

nailIt looks a lot worse than it really is. I used my knife and got it out real good, then i put some rubbin alcohol on it(just like in boyscouts) and it dun even hert no maur.

On a related topic, we went to a really good mexican restaurante today so my comp could ave a real taco for the first time in a while.... It was delicious...(not sure what this has to do with ingrown toenails...)

The random taco bell rapper was from another missionary... We ate REAL mexican food.....

Well, thats all. I am working so hard i cançt believe it.

Love Ya´ll

Love Elder Haws

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, this week was LONG!!

First, tuesday was my birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
To celebrate we went looking for a cake... It turns out they are really expensive, so instead we bought Pingüinos (cupcakes) and that was my birthday cake.. Alsdo we spent the money we saved on cake by buying icecream, hersheys syrup, and chocolate flavored whipped cream.... The one in the picture is the one we gave to the guy wo works at our hotel at nights, his name his Jorge and hopefully now he will get baptised..... Mine was a lot bigger, and after about three bites we realized it was way to chocolatey and we put it in the freezer.
For my birthday i bought myself some ties form a "thrift store?" and also a pair of under armour tear away pants. All in all i spent about 8 dollars...

Wednesday was interviews with president Arbizu, and we had to teach the capacitation about charity and how it applies to the other attributes of christ. We did an activity where we threw water baloons that were "attributes of christ" and the missionaries had to catch them with their "towels of charity" if they recieved an attribute they could"share" it back at us(me and my comp throwing them) It was really fun and we all got wet. I am not sure if we really learned anything.... After that we went on divisions with some elders so we could do some baptismal interviews. I was with elder Hansen who was with me in the MTC and it was pretty fun.

Thursday we met back up from divisions and i rode a bus for one hour to go out to get my comp, we got of for 5 minutes, and then got back on the same hour bus back to our area. After that we went straight to another bus to go do a baptismal interview for another area. It sucked, but lukily we had 5 baptisms this week in our Zone!!!

Friday i completed one year in the mission. It wasn´t anything amazing, but at our lunch appointment with our stake president they had bought me a cake for my year mark. It was nice and i was happy. (the frosting tastes like vinagre but i still appreciate it and have almost ate it all)

Saturday we worked normal, and sunday too.

Today, Monday, we played touch football with our Zone, and then went to eat at one of the 5 Mcdonalds that we have in our area.... It was fun.Well, thats about all that happened this week. Sorry so much, but now you know how i feel. I love this mission. It is the best in the world. My companion is awesome and hillarios. We basically laugh 42 percent of the time. He says "thats what she said" to almost everything LOL.
I am super happy to be here. I am just trying to get all prepped for this next year. If it goes as fast as the last one, i will be home Before i realize. Thanks all for your support.

Love you all, and thanks for everything, Love,
Elder Haws

Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, i guess we had an earthquake on thursday.... On wednesday we also had one, but a really small one. We were actually starting our transfers meeting and it happened during the prayer... That one was small, on thursday, the big one hit. We were at our lunch appointment, and it was pretty strong, but not really that bad. It didn´t really hit that strong in san jose, mostly in other parts. There are a few people/ missionaries without water, but no one was hurt.
It was kinda neat i guess. Oh so yeah also i got a new companion. His name is Elder Soto and he is from Mexico City. He is one of the best in da mission so i am pretty happy. We just started a program in our zone called "the Habit" basically its is to make us work harder. We started last week and it is working really well. Our zone is working hard and we should hopefully all baptise this month. Well, i am happy. This work is pretty dang awesome. The people have remembered that there is a God this week, so now they actually are letting us in... Its great!

Love yall, thanks for your support
Love, Elder Haws

Ps. Happy birthday Elder Haws and also one year in the mission!!! You are the best!

E Haws

Monday, January 5, 2009


Howdy Yáll, its me, elder haws...

Well, new years was super cool. You see, it turns out that they love fireworks here, so at midnight..... FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE!!!!! They were still going when we went to bed late at 12:30(two hours late....) We had sparkling cider, and that was about it. New years day, we played sports with our whole zone for quite some time, and then watched Kung foo Panda. It was pretty good i guess.

Well, we knew it would happen, my companion is getting transfered on wednesday:( Every time you get a good one, they take ´em away. I am gonna miss him, not gonna lie. He has taught me a lot and we have grown quite close in these short short weeks. It feels like only yesterday we got put together. Oh well, maybe my next comp will be cool too.

Today we went to a waterfall, and it was super fun, i didn´t take my camera though... SO maybe i can get some from someone and put them on next week, or you can just google "waterfall" and pretend i am there.

We are all excited for this new year. It is my "dark year" which means i will be here all the year, and i guess i am excited. in 11 days i will have a year in the mission... It doesn´t feel like its half way over, but maybe something will change in a week and a half.

I love you all. Thank you for all the support! I know that you all pray for me, and i feel it a lot. I try to pray for you all too, but unfortunately you only earn a prayer for commenting on my blog, or sending me some sort of correspondence.

2009 Is going to be great!

Love, Elder Daniel R. Haws