Monday, October 26, 2009

Pueblo Nuevo in Limón

Well, i got transfered finally alter 7.5 months in Rio Claro.

(pic in front of sign.) Before changes I was in San Isidro… Heres a cool pic.

(pic with “chicks”) Ok. Well, my new area is called Peublo Nuevo in Limón. Limon is an interesting place, if you Google it I am sure you will understand why.

My comp is Elder Morales from Costa Rica. He is a great kid and I am excited to get a lot of good stuff done here.

Well, I am ready to finish the mission strong. All is well here and I am definitely working hard. Sorry this is short, but so is my time unfortunately. Thanks all for everything!!! Happy Halloween!
Love Elder Haws

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short on time...

Danny's message this week is a combination of an email he sent to Jan (Mom) as well as to Tami and Nick. It is a little bit strange but Danny didn't have enough time to write something specific for the blog, so you get what you get this week! :)

He wrote the following to Jan:

Well, as always time is short.I guess that kind of has a double meaning huh? I donñt have much time to write, and i dont have much time left in the mission...I would lie if i said i didn{t think every day about going home. I am trying to use that to motivate me. This week was great but long.

On tuesday we left for san jose and weren't back until thusday night. It was a VERY long trip, but a great meeting. President Clarke of the seventy (and the area president) spoke to us. Literally it was two VERY spiritual days. Wednesday was zone confeerence and Thursday was just the zone leader meeting. I got to know him very well. Actually, he asked me for shannas phone num,ber.... I hope he puts in a good word for me...
Well, i believe that my time has almost come to have changes again. Elder Nay and I can't stay together because we go home together... So i a almost possitive i will be transfered next monday. I am sad, but at the same time happy. I am excited to get to my next and last area and work hard every day. As a zone leader there are so many things to worry about that we don't really get to wqork to our full potential. If all goes well, next week i won't be a zone leader anymore. I have had a great time searving in that function, but after a year, i could definatlely use a break.

Well, all is still well here. I am hapy and still doing my best Thanks for those quotes from my class... I don't remember them, but they are good.

Oh yeah, yesterday i was waiting for a bus and i remembered the tiome we were heading to washington and we helped that family whos van rolled on the side of the road. all i remember is that the baby was named corbin... or "cobin" as his slightly older brother said... I wonder how they are. Tell dad i said thanks for being a great example and helping them!!!!Until next time, Love, Elder Haws
Danny wrote the following to Tami to put on the blog:
Here are two pictures. One is me with this super cool family. They are all baptised except for the dad and we taught him a sick lesson in which he basically decided to get baptised. They live in my area but the other missionarries are teaching them... Long story.

He wrote this to Nick:
Well, all is well here. Yesterday was a bummer day for me too. We had four investigetores that were going to get baptised, and they didn't show up... Turns out two went to another church and the other was drinking wine.... Yeah theres a bummer for you. Also it rained SUPER Super hard.

So everyone here has been freaking out about the swine flu.... I kinda thought it was all a big lie.... Who knows maybe its real... Is it true that in utah they chaged everything to HDTV?????? mWeird...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October is here

Well, this week was very eventfull. It was super awesome, but also very long. As you well know, it was conference week. Thats always a big thing here in the mission. We always want to make sure EVERYBODY goes to the conference. We worked hard all week to invite the people, and even asi thre were hardly any members that showed up. There was actually not one person that came to every session. I must say that i feel like the three nephites “afflicted for the wickedness of the people”. It is hard having heard such great talks and knowing that there were so many people that didn´t even care to come hear the prophets voice. Oh well, i guess now we have to go and and cry them to repentence!!!
Our zone at conference
Saturday in between conference sessions, i went to another wedding. This time Nelberth(look for his baptism post) got married to a return missionarry named merly. Oddly enough, merly is the sister of Didier(didier married Zailin)(another one of my converts) it seems as though all my baptisms are getting married…. I hate going to weddings, because they make me super trunky!! So Sunday after the conferencewe had to get on a buss and go to san josé again. We had zone council. It was cool, and president taught us lots of neat stuff. Well, today(Tuesday) we had our interviews for our zone, so after zone council President and Sister Galvez brought us home. Instead of going over the mountains, we went along the pacific coast. It was AWESOME. We had a great time and a long talk. Just to give you an idea of things we talked about, as we were pulling into rio claro we were talking about the three nephites…..
Well, today(Tuesday) we had awesome interviews with President. During interviews, the zone leaders give a training, and today we trained about the Book of mormon. We realized that we havent been using it as we should, well, we had a great training, and at the end we gave everyone one of the cheap copies and invited them to read it again, but the just look for and highlight a few things in different colors. 1 names and titles of christ after you finish a page, write in the bottom corner how many times it mentions one of his titles.2 faith 3 the atonement 4 repentance 5 baptism 6 gift of the holy ghost 7 endure to the end 8 any mention of the gospel( “this is my gospel”). It turns out, president later told us that we are going to do that as an entire mission. We promised the Elders that they will gain a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and our Savior. I am way excited to do this, and plan on doing it in the next 3 months.Well, thats all i got for now. I am absolutely in love with missionarry work. It is just awesome. Sometimes i think about goibng home and get scared, but when the times comes “i will go”(1 nephi 3:7) “for behold, it cometh quilcly sayeth the lord, amen” D&C 87:8
Elder Haws