Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, this week was great yet long yet short I don't know how that works. It’s getting hard not to be trunky. Almost everyone asks me how much time I have left, or at least I feel like it, and I just tell them “I go home next year” which isn't a lie, but a little.

Well, today we went fishing. In all, we caught six fish. I caught three and elder Litchfield caught four. Yes your right, that is seven…. Oops. Well, we spent so much on shrimp to fish with I couldn't figure out why we didn't just eat shrimp, but the guy who took us said we couldn't eat them. In the end, we didn't even come home with fish, because he needed them for his family, but it was fun. After we went to the new burger king they just opened here in Limón. I think the lady was flirting with me a little…. But she must have been at least thirty, and I am a missionary, and Shanna is a lot awesomer!!!!

Well, that’s basically it. Oh. I got to this area with 75 ties, so we had a tie trade in our district. I got rid of like thirty ties, and got about 4 for them. It was a great trade.
Love ya'll (some more than others).

Love, Elder Haws

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Jan Haws said...

Great fishing story and I love all of the ties. Sounds like all is well