Monday, December 14, 2009

"fecha" means "date".... in case you didn't know

well, internet is not working today for some reason. I am sorry but this is tyhe only email i am going to be able to send. Please tell everyone sorry for me.

My new companion is elder urbina from Honduras. He is a great kid. Really humble, and i am excited to work with him. We ot to our area wednesday at about 630 and first thing we did was visit a new family. On friday we put a baptismal fecha with them. If you don´t know what a fecha is... sorry.

Well anyway, things are great. I will probably be calling this week, i am guessing sunday to set up the call. it will probably be about 730 at night or a little earlier... we don´t have daylight savings here though. Ok well, i will talk to you soon.

Im almost home
Love ELder Haws

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Jan Haws said...

Wow, we need to get a new post up, Danny is doing good, still loves the work and hanging in there. We had a great time talking to him he sounded great. Love you Danny